A new leak from Google’s upcoming Chromecast shows a full remote with dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons

A new leak from Google's upcoming Chromecast shows a full remote with dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons

Thanks to the long rumored new Chromecast and its dedicated remote we’ve got our best look yet, which has been a marketing rack. Sender Winfuture. We already know that Google plans to launch the hardware, including the new Chromecast, at its September 30 event to show off this rendered product, Google is close to revealing.

The appearance of the new Chromecast shouldn’t come as a surprise if you follow Another leak; It looks like a plastic oval HDMI dongle that is slightly larger than the circular Chromecast devices we use. But more interesting than these renders is the remote control. We have already seen That leak, And while these new renders aren’t quite different, they reveal improved button layouts, including dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube.

The new Chromecast will come as per the report Play Android TVAlthough it is rumored to be an OS Bra bra re on Google TV With the release of the new device. (You may recall that once Google a TV platform called Google TVIs, which is in favor of Android TV. I believe the old will be new again.)

Also the price of the new Chromecast. 49.99 and comes in at least three colors, According to 9to5Google – “Summer Watermelon” (pink), “Rock Candy” (gray – maybe color in it) Winfutures Images published) and “summer blue.”

Google Said openly It will launch a new smart speaker at the September 30 event. We already have a great idea of ​​what it will look like – Google shared the official facial photo and video of this device back In July, And Winfuture Shared what appears today Render leaked marketing Speaker in “charcoal” (black) and “chalk” (white). Google also says it will unveil the new Pixels on September 30, which will include the company’s already unveiled flagship Pixel 5. Detail early last month when it launched its more affordable Pixel 4A.

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Update ET on September 18, 1:18 p.m.: Added details about Google’s next smart speaker.


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