A new solar tender has been launched in which 35,000 families have received lakhs

A new solar tender has been launched in which 35,000 families have received lakhs

The largest-scale greening project to date has been launched on Monday, requesting resources for installation of solar systems, replacement of doors and windows, modernization of heating and installation of batteries, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced. Of.

Non-refundable grants that can be received

  • In case of installation of solar system on rooftop structure to cover own consumption, it cannot exceed HUF 2.9 million gross,
  • In addition to the capacity limits on the roof structure given below, installation of a solar system, electrification of a heating system with a heat pump, installation of an electricity storage facility and replacement of doors and windows can amount to a maximum of HUF 11.3 million.

More information about the application and conditions Here are located.

The call will first be open to people living in Fejer, Gyr-Mosan-Sopron, Komarom-Eztergom, Vaas, Veszprem and Zala counties, and then scheduled for the entire country in the coming weeks. The government has set a target for Hungary to become a climate-neutral country by 2050, so according to the Climate and Nature Conservation Action Plan, we will significantly increase solar power generation and capacity in ten years, for which we aim to provide Significant state support, Attila Steiner said. Secretary of State for the Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy.

In the first large-scale climate protection call to the population, with a budget of more than HUF 201 billion, support can be requested for installation of solar systems in detached homes, replacement of doors and windows, modernization of heating. Battery installation.

  • With the tender the government aims to replace the polluting heating systems of below average income households with modern and eco-friendly solutions based on renewable energy sources, thus providing households with affordable, self-generated electricity for below average to provide income. maintain overhead.
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In other words, I will help the most needy and transition green at the same time. Thanks to the application, which is part of Hungary’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, overhead costs of up to 35,000 households can be reduced. The condition of the application is that the combined income of property owners per capita in 2020 should not exceed HUF 4,850,000. The call was supplemented by individuals covered by KATA, so earning less than the indicated income limits are also eligible to apply.

The notice draws attention to the fact that the order in which applications are submitted does not matter, as all applications submitted within the time limit will be considered. The decision is based on an objective scoring system that favors those raising children and developing those living in the districts. Submission is conditional upon conclusion of an initial contract with a registered contractor, but does not automatically mean that the grant application is considered favorable. The Contractor will be effective only if the person actually receives the requested support.

Public calls open at different times in each region,

  • In the first round, residents of Fger, Gyr-Mosan-Sopron, Komarom-Esztergom, Vaas, Veszprem and Zala counties can submit applications. The opportunity for them is alive since Monday afternoon.
  • Then from 17:00 on December 13, 2021 in Baranya, Baks-Kiskun, Bekace, Songrad-Sanad, Somogi and Tolna counties,
  • From 20:00 on December 20, 2021 in Borsod-Abaj-Zemplén, Hajdu-Bihar, Hevs, Jazz-Nagykun-Szolnok, Nograd and Szabolcs-Zatmar-Bereg counties,
  • Residents of Budapest and Pest Counties will be able to apply from 17:00 on December 27, 2021.
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a napelem.palyazat.gov.hu Page In addition to the full call for proposals and its contracts, there is a list of registered contractors, interested parties can find answers to frequently asked questions and tutorial videos to help them submit their application. In addition, applicants can receive free assistance in submitting applications at the regional offices of the Széchenyi Program Office, or they can contact the customer service of MI non-profit Kft and [email protected] for further questions or assistance. or can be contacted on 06-30-705- 2388.


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