A new technology from Apple to improve Mac computers

A new technology from Apple to improve Mac computers

On Sunday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application filed by Apple, which related to a new cooling fan system for Mac devices, specifically Mac computers.IMacmodern.

Apple’s engineers decided that the Mac’s cooling system needed a comprehensive overhaul, as Apple is focusing exclusively on a new steering blade, which according to a blog post uses air flow through the fan assembly Is done to improve.Apple graduallyCapable of new inventions in the field of communication technology.

The new guide way is the mechanism that directs the cool air into the device, and is also capable of reducing fan noise during operation.

Apple experts found that to draw in the hot air generated by the internal components, the fan can operate at high speeds, but operating the fan at a high rotational speed increases noise output due to increased noise velocity. Air flow from the fan.

In some cases, increased speed can cause flow separation and recirculation because hot air does not flow directly from the fan outlet.
When this happens, the overall fan performance decreases, while Apple’s new invention incorporates these deficiencies.

The electronic device may also include a fan assembly located in the internal storage unit. It may also include a fan housing that defines the fan inlet and outlet.

In some embodiments, some of the air received by the impeller is directed by the guide vein before passing through the fan outlet.

An Apple patented document creates an optional isometric display for the fan assembly and an expert display shows the optimal movement of airflow through the fan assembly.

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And late last year, Apple announced the new generation of Mac computers at an event they hosted via the Internet.

Apple released its first eight-core processor chip.M 1Which will be for Mac computers.

Apple stated that this chip will revolutionize the computer world, especially because it includes the fastest graphics processor and better performance while reducing its energy consumption compared to Intel processors.

Newer Mac computers include “MacBook Air”, “MacBook Pro” and “Mac Mini”.

Company CEO Tim Cook said the development took years of “bold” changes to these devices, as specific performance was integrated, with extended battery life and access to more applications and programs than ever before.

He said that the new generation of Mac computers will help change the world.


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