A new version of YouTube for iOS, which Google has left Appde for two months, is now available – GIGAZINE

Most of Google’s iOS apps have been unpaid for more than two months since early December 2020, but a new version of one of the main apps of the YouTube app has finally arrived. It is unclear why Google did not provide an update for the major app.

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Google usually updates the app every 1-2 weeks, but the iOS versionYoutubeFor apps, the new version has not been released for more than two months since version 15.49.4 was released on December 7, 2020. Even though Google has not released a new version of the app, when I use the Google app on my iOS device, I get a message to update me to the new version of the app, “This app is out of date . ” It has also been reported that it will expire.

However, on 13 February 2021, version 15.49.6 of the YouTube app for iOS was finally released.

According to Google’s related media 9to5Google report, it is common for large IT companies to postpone their work during the New Year holidays, but “updates are usually given in mid-January”. It is unclear why the new version was released later than usual, but it specifies the information that the app collects.Privacy labelIt was rumored that Google’s update was delayed due to Apple’s introduction in response to this.

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However, 9to5Google states that “the iOS version of the YouTube app required user information to be specified before the privacy label could be specified,” and it is unknown why the update was delayed. In addition, the release note portion of the YouTube app for iOS states, “Fixed bugs, improved performance and drank too much coffee.”

The privacy label of the YouTube app for iOS is as follows.

In addition, Google has stated that it will specify the privacy label on its own iOS app, and at the time of writing the article, the privacy label has been added to more than 12 apps such as Stadia, Authenticator, Translate, Classroom. However, major apps such as Google, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Chrome and Gmail remain untouched at the time of writing.

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