A pleasant surprise for Apple devices, the new Apple update puts privacy in your hands

Apple device and phone carriers have long waited for this good news, and in a surprise it will delight all Apple device owners, as technology experts have said what all Apple device holders will do, and they announce that the new Apple The update puts privacy in your hands, and also announces support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox controllers, where the new Apple update adds a lot to iOS 14.5 for iPhone devices, and through this article we are giving all our website followers Explain, educate me, the latest features new Apple update.

Apple’s new update puts privacy in your hands

Latest features in the new Apple update:

The new features of Apple’s update have several features, namely:

  1. Siri update facility
  2. And support for the latest game joystick
  3. But the most important privacy update is because it gives users more transparency
  4. It also controls apps that want to track them for the purpose of advertising.

Facebook tops the list for updates on Apple devices:

It is worth noting that Facebook has become concerned after the announcement of privacy, noting that the new privacy policy seeks to limit its ability to effectively target ads for all iPhone users, and it is known that It works to control the applications that seek out to track them for the purpose of advertising, which is always on Facebook, follow those interested in any advertisement and post their ads.

Apple device
It works to determine privacy on Apple devices, especially advertisements on Facebook

New Apple update:

We mention through this article that the latest update, iOS 14.5, includes the App Tracking Transparency feature, and the results of experiments conducted by experts are expected to have a significant impact on the way mobile phone ads work. The user appears as a pop. When you open an application, open a window that wants advertisers to access your device’s unique identifier, and this pop-up window asks if you want to be tracked, and explains why the app asks you to Asks, and many companies who trust online advertising state that changing privacy reduces the effectiveness and profitability of targeted ads, and Facebook launched a campaign on this change, and it appears to result in increased revenue. might lose.

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Apple device
Privacy Settings on Apple Devices

Opening the device with the snout:

There are many users who have directed some complaint, including difficulty opening the device while wearing a muzzle, and the main reason for the problem was that Apple ID could not recognize the person, but in a new update the company added it to the Apple Watch. Feature through the use of, and now you can set it to unlock and lock your iPhone while you are wearing a mask.

Apple device
Open the device with the snout

New Siri Voices:

The update offers several advantages, the most important of which are new voices, as this feature helps to choose between 4 default voices, which are chosen if the new iPhone device is turned on instead of listening to the voice assistant in traditional female voice , And Siri can now announce calls via AirPods or Car Play while driving and allow you to talk to answer calls, and this relies on a feature in the phone that allows Siri to connect to AirPods The medium allows you to read your text messages, and Siri learned to play music. From Spotify and other services.

Apple device
Most recent update on Apple


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