A Vietnamese player just broke a new iPhone 13 box, but it’s incredibly low-tech?

A Vietnamese player just broke a new iPhone 13 box, but it's incredibly low-tech?

The Vietnamese team has officially returned home after the fourth match in the third qualifying round of the World Cup. Currently, the players are actively training to prepare for the match with the Japanese team in November.

Recently, a Vietnamese player has officially unboxed the original iPhone 13 Pro Max given by his wife. But it makes fans laugh because of the many less technical details.

And the player whose “number of benefits” has been given the hottest iPhone by his psychic wife today is goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong. The man was so excited that he shot an unboxing video on his TikTok channel. However, other than that, it was very embarrassing to see no difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 13.

Tan Truong breaks the box to show off the new iPhone

After that, Tan Truong also “tested the camera” by taking a selfie on his phone. But fearing laughter from fans for using the skin correction app, the male player used the icon to cover up the logo of the Photos app. Many observant fans discovered this immediately and thought Tan Truong was too low-tech. To turn off the application logo, man just needs to go into the settings and customize some actions.

A Vietnamese player has unboxed a brand new iPhone 13, but it's incredibly low-tech!  - photo 3.

Selfie Post with Tan Truong’s Photo Editing App

Tan Truong is currently the first player on the Vietnamese team to have a new iPhone, with many fans hoping that he will use this phone to take “stretch” photos for team members.


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