According to the state-owned company: Russia is now the operator of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant

According to the state-owned company: Russia is now the operator of Europe's largest nuclear power plant

Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine has been going on for more than two weeks now.

Now the Kremlin boss claims the largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia on the Dnieper River in Europe!

According to Ukrainian operator Energoatom, Russia has told employees of the power plant, which was already occupied by Russian troops, that it now belongs to the Russian state-owned company Rosatom.

Russian troops captured the power station on 4 March. The reactor crew has since been forced to continue operating it. A dangerous situation according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as workers must regularly convert to their high-risk profession in order to guarantee company safety.

Worrying: The Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant has been damaged since the fighting.

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When Russian troops attacked the site in early March, the nuclear power plant caught fire. Two of the five power cables supplying the power plant and a transformer have since failed.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also reported on Wednesday that it had lost direct contact with the power plant in Ukraine.

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