Acer introduces HDR-enabled gaming monitor

Acer introduces HDR-enabled gaming monitor

The manufacturer’s Predator series has been expanded with three new UHD resolution displays.

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At the same time as its usual Spring notebook dumping, Acer also discontinued three monitors for gamers with G-Sync support and HDR authentication, all members of the Predator series. The largest member of the trio is the 42.5-inch Predator CG437K S with a UHD resolution IPS panel, which has an image refresh rate of 144 Hz and GtG response time of 1 millisecond, and is not far behind for the built-in RGB lighting. A gamer product.

Hunter CG437K S
Hunter CG437K S [+]

The new monitor has earned the VESA DisplayHDR1000 color thanks to its peak brightness of 1000 nits, and the monitor can be used for entertainment as well as entertainment, with 90% DCI-P3 color space coverage of the panel and Thanks to the DeltaE value of less than 1. . The device also has a lot of built-in sensors that allow it to adjust, for example, brightness and white balance depending on environmental conditions, and sleep automatically when not in use (ie when anyone is in front of it Does not sit). The repertoire is completed by a four-port USB hub, KVM functionality, a USB Type-C port for charging up to 30 watts, and two HDMI 2.1 inputs.

Hunter x38 s
Hunter x38 s [+]

The 37.5 “IPS panel of the 2300R-Curved Predator X38 S also has UHD resolution, more accurately, 3840×1600 pixels, while the DCI-P3 can cover 98% of the color space, and as the maximum image refresh rate” gameplay. “Is also strong. Its frequency is 175 Hz and it changes from gray to gray in 0.3 ms. Out of DisplayHDR plecsni, the X38 S received only 600, and the 28-inch, UHD-resolution Predator X28 found it in this region. Gives even less, as it only got 400, but no complaints about the latter in other areas. The model will cope with either, as we see, an image refresh rate of 155 Hz and a response time of 1 millisecond. If we take a look at the specification table.

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Hunter x28
Hunter x28 [+]

Among the trio’s members, the CG437K S, which will be launched in November, the X38 S, which will be released in September, and the X28, which will debut in August, are well known, and we have to pay 1599. , 2199 and 1199 Euros, respectively.


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