Add App: New feature of Android.

Add App: New feature of Android.

Internet Desk: A smartphone with a wide range of features is the only handheld device, such as a large display for watching videos, a good camera for photos, and a high-capacity battery for continuous operation. Today’s generation may have a phone in the palm of their hand but can travel around the world. Google is introducing another new feature in smartphones, which is very much interfered with human life. It will be released Android 12 OS soon. With this feature called ‘App Pair’, you can open two apps on the phone at the same time. It also has the facility to pair both apps.

In the past, Android phones had a similar feature called split screen. However, it was not very popular as it was not user friendly. With this, Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo and Samsung introduced a slip screen feature called Multi Screen. Recently Google is also bringing app pairs instead of slip screens. Also, this feature will pin the top of the phone for easy access for users. There will be an app-to-app divider with these app pairs. This allows the user to reduce the distance between the two when two apps are opened at the same time. You can also switch apps from top to bottom. This feature is available to the user by double tapping on the divider. It has been told that arrangements are being made to make app pairs available in the first half of this year.

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