Adidas launches The Road Shoe The first road cycling shoe in 15 years

 Adidas launches The Road Shoe The first road cycling shoe in 15 years

Adidas has rolled out its first road cycling shoes in over 15 years. Inspired by “Iconic Silhouettes of Sport”, the mid-range shoe aims to “create a young and growing pay generation of cyclists”.

Known simply as ‘The Road Shoe’, these new Adidas kicks are compatible with all the usual three-bolted roads.

According to Id Didas, the upper is made from primegreen, a 100 percent recycled synthetic woven material. The sole of the shoe is also made of fiberglass reinforced recycled material.

The finish comes courtesy of Sara All’s fashion gentleman, which simply adds to the shoe’s nostalgic football boot-inspired look. Fans of World Cup shoes – a symbol of football shoe design – will love its parade-back aesthetic and classic Adidas style.

Adidas has a long history in cycling, but this is its first road shoe in 15 years.

No inertia (or weight, for that matter) statistics were provided for the shoes. However, the press release emphasizes that the shoes are made for riders, “they do not just follow the elite-level performance”, we do not expect to be temporarily tightened.

Adidas cycling shoes have been very popular on and off the sport since the brand was founded, with Eddie Marks wearing them for many wins. Adidas also has cycling-specific knowledge through its Five Ten sub-brand, which makes some of our favorite mountain bike shoes.

Cycling fashion will also remember the collaboration of Shanistas Adidas and Colnago back in 2018. Inspired by the legacy of these two brands, Trim Star and Kamanda saw the release of a limited-edition run of shoes.

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Adidas The Road Shoe

We expect Adidas to launch even more cycling kits in 2021 and beyond.

“Shoes are the first step in our long-term journey to create a range of products that enhance the cycling experience,” said Celine Dell Janine, Adidas’ vice president of specialist sportswear.

He added that the brand “seeks to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving new cycling culture by creating high-performance products that empower more and more people to ride.”

However Adidas already produces one Moderate range of cycling-specific kits, Dale Jeans ’statement suggests the brand’s plans to expand on its current offering fur.

It would not be surprising to see more interest in a household name like Adidas and to invest in the sport – such a huge multinational brand will be eager to earn tremendous growth in cycling popularity in 2020 and we expect others to follow suit. Suit.

Adidas The Road Shoe in white

The shoes are also available in a pearly white finish.

The Id Didas Road Shoe comes with a price tag of £ 130 / € 150 (more international prices TBC) and will initially be available in Black and White colorway. Early shoe samples are set to ship from December 1 with more color options released as part of Adidas’ next spring-summer series.

We are about to receive a shoe sample very soon and will report back with a full review in the near future.


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