After 40 years only a slight loss of performance: this is Europe’s oldest solar system

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You can see the age of this PV system, but solar cells on the roof of a technical college in Switzerland are still generating electricity. And that for four decades!

40 years ago still real "Aerospace Engineering"Today PV systems are in demand like never before.

40 years ago it was still a real “space technology”, today PV systems are in demand like never before. (Source: Cleantech Energy Systems)

  • Europe’s first and therefore possibly the oldest photovoltaic system (PV system) dates from 1982 in the Swiss canton of Ticino.
  • About 300 modules have been supplying electricity to the public grid over an area of ​​500 square meters for almost 40 years.
  • The drop in performance since 1982 is small. The current yield is still 80 percent of the original production.

Who is currently planning to become Equip the roof with a photovoltaic system You might be wondering: how long does such a solar system last? And does the performance degrade over the years? Manufacturers combat the fear of premature failure of expensive investments with longer guarantees. Tesla promised The service life of its solar roof tiles is 30 years,

And the following example from Switzerland also shows that PV systems are not a short-term fad. On the roof of the “Suola Universitaria Professional della Swizzera Italiana” (SUPSI) college, 300 modules have been producing electricity since 1982. magazine Energetic Describes the project as “Europe’s first grid-connected PV system”. We don’t even know of any old solar system.

real space technology

The solar system, named “Ticino Solare 10 (TISO10)”, consists of about 300 modules, distributed over a roof area of ​​500 square metres. During commissioning, the developers measured an output of 10 kilowatts (kW). Modules are those that were used at that time in satellites, also in space travel. Power generation was sensational at the time, today’s solar modules operate much more efficiently and are often Arranged on both sides (bilateral).,

Interesting too…

Meanwhile in Switzerland the system has been mounted on the roof of another building and has survived dismantling and reconstruction without damage. After 35 years, a measurement showed that the cells were still delivering about 80 percent of their original performance. However, minor cracks, rusts and “blind” spots will contribute to age-related performance degradation. Recently also in Switzerland A huge pump storage power plant went online, Do you want to become a Solar Technician yourself? we have one for you Recommended Solar Generator Tested From Jackery, more news About alternative energy generation Available here on NetzWelt.

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