After leaving the party: A complaint against the party on Genevin’s cell phone from FPÖ . I was shocked

 After leaving the party: A complaint against the party on Genevin's cell phone from FPÖ .  I was shocked

Following the resignation of former FPÖ MP Hans-Jörg Genevin, which became known a day earlier, there is clearly unrest in FP. In a random search by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a draft for an advertisement against FPO Vienna was found near Genevin. “Crone” reported Friday that the draft was on the cell phone of “former Kickl confidant” Genevin. That’s why investigators believe that Genevin is the author.

The case stemmed from Genevin’s contact with Agisto Ott, a former BVT employee who was accused by investigators of leaking or selling information (which he vehemently denies). This has nothing to do with the current cause, but because of a suspicious flow of information from Ot zu Genevin, the house of the former Blue MP was also searched. The draft of an anonymous ad against FPÖ Vienna was found by chance, the “courier” reported on Thursday. The advertisement is said to have actually been brought out later.

The Anonymous Ad Is Said To Come From Genevin

According to the “krone” on Genevin’s smartphone, investigators may have found a draft for display on an electronic device belonging to the former MP. According to the report, the complaint was filed anonymously in October by a “fraudulent and disillusioned voter” – against the Viennese FPO, but also against active and former FPO leaders.

According to the report, it is about the alleged (million) misuse of funds by free associations. Eleven people – from former party leader Heinz-Christian Strauch to former club boss Johann Goodenus to FPO Vienna boss Dominic Knapp – and the entire state party are listed according to “Krone”. After evaluating the digital footprint in a report to the Economic and Corruption State Administration (WKSTA), investigators found that “it is unrealistic that Hans-Jörg Genevin himself did not write the advertisement”, according to Krone.

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A spokesperson for FPO Vienna, when asked by the APA, said the ad was about things that “had been with the Investigative Committee for a long time” and that it was just “copy-pasted”. “These ads are absurd allegations that have long been denied and mostly closed.”

FPÖ removed “legal consequences”

FPO Secretary-General Michael Schnedlitz said on Friday that “the allegations leveled against FPO Vienna and its officials in an anonymous complaint about the so-called ‘charity cause’ cannot in any way be understood by the FPO”. All those affected have nothing to hide and are therefore “extremely interested” in a prompt explanation by the investigating authorities and relevant evidence of their innocence.

Without mentioning Genevin – who was no longer a member of parliament but had worked for the FPO – by name, Schneedlitz indicated that the FPO had already taken legal action: “an employee’s alleged involvement in the creation of an undisclosed report.” With regard to participation, the Freedom Party has already suffered the necessary legal consequences,” the FP general secretary said.

According to “Krone”, this raises the question of what FPO boss Kickl knew “about the small battle behind the scenes”. When asked by the APA, an FPO spokesperson said that Kickl “had been given relevant information a few days ago after a routine inspection of the files by the FPO’s counsel.”


Kikl “directed the responsible club director as President of the Freedom Parliament Club to take legal action against the employee concerned and initiate legal action. It is now done”. The federal FPO considers that “the allegations made against the representatives of the FPO in Vienna will prove to be baseless.”

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In any case, outrage over the incidents could be heard from FPO regional groups behind closed doors on Friday, according to APA information.

Jenwen, who is anchored at the Viennese FP, was a member of the FP National Council from July to October 2013 and from November 2017 to October 2019. He was a Blue Member of the Federal Council from November 2010 to mid-2013 and from October 2013 to November 2017. Under the turquoise-blue federal government, he also served as his party’s media spokesperson. Most recently, he was in charge of the Ibiza U Committee as a parliamentary staff.


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