Akuma’s Sergis joins new CS:GO team created by Dogecoin fans | CS: GO

  Akuma's Sergis joins new CS:GO team created by Dogecoin fans |  CS: GO

The CS:GO roster has been announced by representatives of esports club Doge Soldiers. A former player joined the club akuma Sergei Sergiz Atamanchuk, As well as quell, wonderful_Y, sasukekyo And WhatThose who have not previously participated in high level competitions. The team composition was announced on the organization’s Twitter page.

Atmanchuk was one of the suspects of cheating in the first matches Epic CIS League Spring 2021Where Akuma finished third during the tournament born to Win And Virtus Pro, Then the violation was not proved and the team continued to participate in CS: GO competitions. According to the results of the season, Akuma was unable to score enough rating points to proceed. PGL Major Stockholm 2021, after which the composition disintegrated,

Doge Soldiers is an esports club that was created in 2021 by fans of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and is based in Ukraine. The CS:GO roster became the organization’s first team.

Roster of Doge Soldiers:

  • Sergei Sergiz Atamanchuk,
  • vladislav quell Pivkin;
  • Damyetro wonderful_Y Horkusa;
  • иколай sasukekyo Zhukov;
  • arteome What Glebkin.
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