Amaliendorf – The sunny side of the energy crisis: control technology is in demand

Amaliendorf - The sunny side of the energy crisis: control technology is in demand

Created on 27 August 2022 | 04:32

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Form the development team of “Technical Choices”: Daniel Litschauer, Franz Stojets, Martin Koppensteiner, Stefan Graf (back), Wolfgang Buxbaum, Erhard Hadvogel, Georg Koller, Thomas Binder (middle), Stefan Ritter, Kurt Fichtenbauer, Andreas Schneider and Martin Litschauer .


The “Technical Choice” in Amaliendorf helps harness the possibilities of renewable energy. Even though raw materials are sometimes scarce.

The current tense situation in the energy sector has many drawbacks – but it is also an opportunity for some companies: “Technish Alternatives”, a specialist in control technology, is one of them.

Even when the company was founded more than 30 years ago, Kurt Fichtenbauer, still a developer and managing director, was involved with solar power. When building your home, a regulator was created that was soon in great demand. The main customers are currently plumbers and electricians. Recently, however, interest from new key customers has also increased, says Jürgen Prazak, responsible for marketing at the company, among other things.

In some cases capacity had to be refused, with the search for reinforcements already underway for more than 60 employees. Of course, the trends toward photovoltaic systems and heat pumps are making themselves felt: “When it comes to harnessing the potential of renewable energy, there is a need for intelligent control – which usually cannot be planned in advance. ,” Prazak says. Accordingly, independently programmable controllers are in demand. On the other hand, you may feel that some components may not be delivered: “So we are currently working against a wall in development.”

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Still: At the end of July, the business for the full 2020 was reached: “And that was a good year.”


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