Amazon Prime: Project “Iliad” intentionally makes ending cumbersome

Amazon Prime: Project

Amazon Prime A very attractive proposition for many customers. But if you try to part with Amazon’s monthly subscription, you’ll first have to go through a surprisingly lengthy process. We obviously attribute this to the fact that this is a case of an internal Amazon project with the proper code name “Iliad”.

How business Insider The world’s largest online retailer has intentionally (surprisingly) made the process of unsubscribing from its Prime subscription offering as long as possible, citing documents available for US publication from internal sources at Amazon. The goal, of course, is to avoid customer churn.

According to the report, an internal project called “Iliad” is behind the complicated unsubscribe process from Amazon Prime. “Iliad” is nothing but the English language word for “Iliad”, i.e. extremely long ancient writings assigned by Homer. So the name seems to be program.

Parts of Project ‘Iliad’ still in use

Amazon has let the unsubscribe process, developed as part of the “Iliad” project, go online from 2017, meaning the number of Prime unsubscribes has dropped by up to 14 percent. A new version of the unsubscribe process is still in use today and lets the user navigate through at least three pages on which Amazon provides various “arguments” as to why the user should refrain from unsubscribing.

Among other things, Amazon names the remaining period of the respective billing period, stating that you’ll lose free shipping and access to various streaming content and even calculating what you’ll be paying for on an annual subscription. How much money can you save by switching? In addition, a reminder function is offered to the user to cancel or stop the subscription at a later time – all so that the subscriber does not let it go.

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In response to the Business Insider report, Amazon explained that all processes are as transparent as possible and that customer trust is a top priority. Therefore, as part of the unsubscribe process, they try to provide only detailed and clear information about the options that remain for the user. The resulting results will also be explained in detail.

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