Amazon will monitor its delivery people with smart cameras

Amazon will monitor its delivery people with smart cameras

Amazon will install smart cameras inside its vans. They will look at the behavior of drivers with the aim of improving safety. For some, they will only increase the pressure felt.

Amazon likes to see its employees. Whether it is analyzing its performance in its vast, semi-robotic logistics centers or taking care of any events organized by the Confederates, the culture is extremely widespread within the American firm that now uses video surveillance cameras in vans Intends to install its delivery driver. According to Information, Amazon has signed a contract in this direction with start-up Netridine that publishes the driver’s platform, which is capable of analyzing – with a great deal of artificial intelligence – the behavior of drivers. Those who drive too fast or break the rules of the road can be brought on the heel, those who get wet are called to order, etc.

In a video promoting this upcoming system, Karolina Harldsdottir – who is in charge of security in the so-called “Last kilometer of delivery” – Explains that the aim is to reduce the number of accidents caused by their vans while assuming more responsibilities on the drivers. She also remembers that this practice is not new on Amazon. Indeed, large trucks dealing with long-haul freight are already equipped with a device called SmartDrive, which is also capable of interpreting signs of fatigue and distraction to reinforce the safety of the carrier.

Extra pressure

These new cameras will be shot 100% of the time while the vehicle is in motion, but without a soundtrack and without allowing real-time image monitoring. Video footage can be viewed by a dedicated team at Amazon, in the event that one of 16 anticipated situations occurs. Drivers will be able to turn off the cameras manually, but only when their van is stationary. They may voluntarily send some videos to report on events that impede the smooth running of their tours. We think for example about the accident or traffic jam around them which would explain some of the delay.

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Information, Who investigated this upcoming novelty in Amazon dispatch riders, indicates that if the company insists on the safety of its drivers and other road users, some delivery people consider it a new step in part of increasingly aggressive global surveillance See as In the latter’s opinion, on the one hand there is principle, in which countless safety rules are respected, and on the other hand practiced with tours that are difficult to meet in the allotted time and an ever increasing pressure. Shorten delivery time. In this context, this new camera system may, according to them, be regressive by increasing the pressure they will have to manage on a daily basis.

Note that initially, only those operated by members of the van operated by Amazon or subscribed to the Amazon Flex program (which confirms the final delivery step to the customer) will be equipped – with this system – in the United States. Indeed, Amazon is investing more and more to develop its own carrier’s network, and thus is less dependent on local postal services. Even if some delivery people are not employed directly by Amazon, they will have to agree to be filmed during their tours when they drive a vehicle in Amazon colors. A less visible strategy in Europe and France where, again, most distributions are ultimately provided by La Poste or private service providers.


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