An artificial intelligence shows pictures of your ancestors

An artificial intelligence shows pictures of your ancestors

The MyHeritage site has added an online tool that transforms the face of photos to video animation. An impressive feature that requires registration.

It is now possible to bring a great grandfather back on video for ten seconds. MyHeritage, a company specializing in genealogy and DNA testing (prohibited in France), has partnered with an Israeli company did To provide a function to Internet users Which is called deep nostalgia. This software is capable of generating an animated facial video from a simple photo.

Revived napoleon

On the web, many Internet users have shared scenes featuring some of their ancestors, but also historical figures such as Napoleon.

As MyHeritage specifies on its site, the Deep Nostalgia feature can be used to animate multiple faces in a single photo. A series of movements were pre-recorded with the actors, so that they could be applied to be photographed (or painted) in a natural way. To avoid the creation of deep fakes, no audio option is integrated.

If MyHeritage ensures that it does not share photos sent by Internet users with third parties, the company is required to create an account and subscribe to its 13 newspapers. Single consent is requested for registration and for sending automated emails. A practice though illegal in the eyes Of french law, Which requires specific consent for each purpose.

However, to take advantage of the service, it is possible to unsubscribe from all newsletters, to disable other members’ searches (activated by default), or, more simply, to delete your account after the desired video has been generated. for.

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