Anchor’s new USB-C Nano II charger is smaller and more efficient

Anchor's new USB-C Nano II charger is smaller and more efficient

The Fashion Charger is not a product that will amaze technology lovers, but for those who appreciate the high-powered charger in smaller packages, Anchor’s new line of Nano II chargers is something they will be interested in.

Source: cnet

The new Nano II chargers powered by gallium nitride or GaN II technology come in three models: 30 ($ 30), 45 ($ 36) and 65 watts ($ 40). According to Anchor, they “transfer energy more efficiently, take up less space and control temperature better than our previous generation.”

They all have a USB-C port and use Anchor’s PowerX 3.0 technology, which “intelligently provides optimal power to the connected device,” Anchor said. The 30-watt model is designed for devices such as phones and tablets, but will also charge the MacBook Air.

The 45- and 65-watt models can also charge smaller devices, but more for owners of laptops equipped with USB-C, the 65-watt version is capable of charging 13-inch laptops at full speed. In particular, the 65-watt charger looks impressively compact and is 58% smaller than Anchor’s previous 65-watt charger, the company said.

Delivery on June 10 is available for pre-order on the Amazon and Anchor websites. No word yet on international prices.

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