Android app “Google Messages” is draining battery

Android app

Meta’s chat service for mobile devices, “Google Messages,” is draining users’ batteries faster than usual. As “9to5google‘ Reportedly, a bug is said to cause quite poor battery life, especially on the smartphone. As stated in the report, the camera, which is still powered on in the background, is responsible for the bad luck, which puts pressure on the processor and can generate unnecessary heat.

close app after use

However, most Android users don’t use the app for chat, as usage statistics show. Because many people use WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger and company. Google Messages is often used only for text messages that have been around for years. In this regard, many users probably do not pay attention to the secret cordless vacuum cleaner. However, the faulty app is also an RCS chat client and allows sending of photos.

However, instead of ensuring that the camera activates only when it is needed, now it should not be left unnoticed all the time, which has a negative impact on the power management of the entire device, confirms the report. After using the app, users should ideally turn it off completely to avoid more unnecessary energy consumption. The only solution is likely to be a Google update.

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