Android Apps under Linux: ExTiX 22.9 Released with Anbox and Google Play Store

Android-Apps unter Linux: ExTiX 22.9 mit Anbox und Google Play Store erschienen

The experimental distribution ExTiX from Sweden is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and the modular free desktop KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS and runs Android apps from Anbox (“Android in a Box”) with Google Play Store and Google Play Services under Linux. The tried and tested base LTS kernel is Linux 5.15.

In addition to the new base, ExTiX is switching from Chinese distribution to version 22.9 in depth For the popular Ubuntu, and free operating system also comes with a new Refractora installer and Refractora Snapshot. However, the focus of the release is the integration of Android through the open compatibility layer. AnboxWhich comes with a pre-installed Google Play Store and pre-configured Google Play services and aims to make Android apps usable under Linux.

ExTiX 22.9 with KDE Plasma (Image: ExTiX)

ExTiX, with the help of Load to RAM Can run entirely in the computer system’s main memory, not only KDE Plasma but also Deepin Desktop Environment, offering Budgie and LXQT and has the following key data.

Ubuntu × KDE Plasma × Anbox = ExTiX

base and lineage
  • GNU/Linux
    • → Debian GNU/Linux
      • → Ubuntu 22.04.1 (“Jamie Jellyfish”)
        • → ExTiX 22.09 (“Exton”)
Work environment and desktop
  • KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS
    • LXQt 1.1.0
    • Budgie 10.6.4
    • Deepin Desktop Environment 20.6
operating system kernel

ExTiX still experimental with Anbox

The integration of Android apps via ExTiX 22.9 (“Exton”) and Anbox is still classified as experimental, which is why the distribution is aimed specifically at experienced users.

In terms of stability and quality, there are still cuts to be made, as the developer restricts in the official release notes.

I have Anbox pre-installed with the Google Play Store. So this version of ExTiX has Google Play Services pre-installed. Will not play in Anbox Live or VirtualBox. you will get this Error message,

This is because VirtualBox doesn’t support nested virtualization yet. In this version of ExTiX KDE/Anbox you can play YouTube app with good video and sound quality.

ExTiX 22.9 (“Exton”) – Release Notes

Updated and about 4.9 GB larger installation medium ExTiX 22.9 (ISO) is on amd 64 It is optimized and for the first time comes with pre-installed program packages for the Spotify and Skype apps and the streaming service Netflix can be used through the Mozilla Firefox 105 browser.

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German language YouTube channelLinux Guides EN“Look closely.

For more details visit the official websites ExTiX And this Anbox Compatibility Layer simultaneously project page on the GitHub Developer Platform.


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