Android Auto has finally been discontinued for smartphones

Android Auto has finally been discontinued for smartphones

Google Maps in Vehicle

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It was clear for a really long time, now the time has come: app”Android Auto for Smartphones“Now finally stopped. A related message has been displayed for a few days when the app is started.

“Android Auto for the phone screen will stop working soon“, can be read on the pop-up notice. Google does not reveal details about when exactly the app will be shut down. Android Auto user interface, which includes vehicle infotainment system is integrated.

This notification is displayed when you open “Android Auto for Smartphone”.

Android Auto Alternatives for Smartphones

For those who use Android Auto for smartphones, there is no direct successor app. Instead, Google already had a dedicated driving mode in map app Built-in Google Maps,

so called “google assistant driving modeProvides similar functionality to Android Auto. However, there is no option to use other navigation services – so you are dependent on the Google Maps service.

In addition, assisted driving mode can also be used in various messaging appsphone features too music playback apps used. As the name suggests, the Google language assistance system plays a central role in,

How to Activate Assisted Driving Mode

  1. open google maps
  2. Open Settings via the profile icon in the top right
  3. Open Navigation Settings
  4. Open Google Assistant Settings
  5. Now activate the desired settings

Google Assistant driving mode works on all of them android smartphone, Driving mode can also be set on iPhones iOS Activated and used in Google Maps apps.

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