Android phones introduce four popular Google apps, Snapsd, which is comparable to Photoshop Sound Search, even humming songs can be distinguished from lyrics Daily Apple Daily

Android phones introduce four popular Google apps, Snapsd, which is comparable to Photoshop Sound Search, even humming songs can be distinguished from lyrics Daily Apple Daily

Google has a lot of applications launched by itself, the most used of which are Gmail,Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube and other mainstream apps. However, Google actually has several relatively unpopular self-made apps. Now I will introduce 4 useful apps, including Remedy, Snapsed, Sound Search and Action Block. Android phone users should pay attention to them.

Measure shooting distance measurement

The first Google app introduced is Measurement, which uses a lens to measure the height and length of objects, just like the iOS rangefinder app. Take a basketball stand as a test, the normal backboard floor is about 2.8 to 2.9 meters above the ground, and the test app is measured at 2.3 meters with a deviation of about 50 cm. Try again to measure garbage bins and benches. This time the results are more accurate. Probably because the objects are in the lens, the approximate length is actually quite accurate, which is very useful for rough estimation of height and length.

Comparable to photoshop

Snapseed is Google’s own photo editing app, with a variety of photo styles, filter effects and tools. Like other photo apps, photo frames have different styles and effects to choose from, and you can also enter text on the photo. There are several high-level retouching functions for color correction. For example, there are 7 parameters to choose from to adjust for color correction, including brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and more. There are also professional curve color corrections that can be used in retouch images. Experts can adjust contrast, brightness, hue, etc. quickly and accurately. There are also repair tools that can easily remove defects, such as stains on white walls, and even text and patterns on shirts and dresses, and still keep them natural. The app also features less-common perspective modification tools and double exposures, making retouching more flexible and variable. These functions are comparable to Photoshop. In addition, Snapseed also has many filter effects, such as Grunge, Vignette, Retrolux, Lens Blur, Grainy Film and other special effects, and each special effect can have multiple parameters adjusted, and you can see more with different styles. Can modify.

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Voice search makes you listen to songs

Sound search is actually a built-in function of Android. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll have it after installing the Google app. Users can add an icon to the desktop using a widget (small tool) on the desktop, or install a shortcut to the Google Voice Search app to get a more beautiful icon. Voice search, as its name implies, is to receive music and lyrics through a microphone for search. Originally, it received only a few seconds of music, and it could identify the song and instantly display the result. There will even be a YouTube link. , As well as lyrics and lyrics information. English, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese songs can be easily distinguished, and some singers who sing other people’s songs correctly, such as “Kiss” from Zhang Chongji and Zhang Chongde’s Ekin Cheng Can get results from. The most powerful thing is that even a human voice can sing and hum, which is very good. In the future, if you think of a song, you forgot the name of the song or who sang it, you can also use voice search to find it.

Action Block Homemade Desktop Tool

Android allows users to select widgets to install on the desktop, and the action block app is to customize desktop props through Google Assistant. The simplest example is to set up a call and create a desktop hotkey with an action block. Can call that person. faster. Action blocks can also be set for quick viewing“Fruit seed” YouTubeBy the time you hit the hotkey on the desktop, you’ll immediately jump to the “Fruit Seeds” channel of the YouTube app and play the video. Supporters of “Fruit Seeds” may wish to add a convenient video. Although it may conform to YouTube, after actual testing, it is found that it may not conform to the MOOV music app. If you have a web page that you visit frequently, you can also set up a desktop hotkey. Action blocks can be resized by adding a web page icon compared with Chrome. In addition, you can also change the timer countdown to a desktop hotkey, for example, count 5 seconds or count 30 seconds, which is often more convenient for people who count.

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In fact, Google still has a lot of its own apps. Although a small part is experimental and has stopped updating, there are many useful apps that are relatively unpopular or less well-known. We will introduce another useful Google app next time. Everyone.

Reporter: Ma Xicong

Editor: Zhu Zhong


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