Android TV: Alternative home screen with sideload apps – Launcher lets you start all externally installed apps


Feather android tv It is a full blown Android offshoot which basically provides an option to use multiple compatible Android apps directly on Smart TV. Sideloading is no longer rocket science, but unfortunately, in most cases, apps installed this way won’t show up on the homescreen. An alternative launcher can solve this problem very easily.

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A few days ago we showed you how to work send files to tv Transfer any files and apps to the Smart TV, so that in principle many of the apps known from the smartphone or tablet can be installed on the Smart TV. How useful it is, is for each user to decide for himself. This is certainly very convenient in some cases and there is hardly any reason why some apps are not normally available in the Google Play Store for TV.

Unfortunately, sideloading has two minor disadvantages: the app is not updated via the Play Store and, due to the Play Store block and a missing icon, it is not displayed on the home screen of the Smart TV operating system. All apps installed via Sideload should be started through Settings and a list of all available apps. It’s not a big deal and not exactly time consuming, but still an unnecessary affair that you want to save yourself from on television.

With Sideload Launcher you can save yourself this detour, as you only need one extra step to start apps. It is a very simple launcher which is based on Android TV and presents all installed apps in a normal grid and can be started by pressing the icon. Just like you are used to with Launcher.

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android tv sideload launcher

Since Sideload Launcher itself is available in Play Store, it is displayed on Android TV home screen and hence can be accessed easily. Basically, the launcher shows all the available apps so you can use it to start all other apps as well. It’s not really fancy, but it works and starts apps – that’s where it ends. Installed apps are sorted alphabetically, but even if you haven’t installed a lot of apps, you should still see the ZZZYYYXX app (no, it doesn’t exist) without scrolling.

Just give it a try, Launcher is free and saves you some unnecessary intermediate steps to start sideloaded apps on TV. For other options related to apps, such as uninstalling, you still need to switch to Settings.

Sideload Launcher - Android TV
Sideload Launcher - Android TV

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