Android’s new OS for folding phones and tabs

Android's new OS for folding phones and tabs

Internet Desk: A few days ago Google released the new Android 12 OS for Android phones. It offers a host of features like one-hand mode, URL sharing, take more button and a new gaming mode. With this, the OS has been updated for smartphones, folding phones and Tab users across the world on their devices. However, the folding phone suggests that Tab users will not be able to use this OS for a long time. Since the introduction of a new OS called Android 12L for these devices. This OS seems to be taking over especially big screen devices like tabs and folding phones. Technical sources say that the letter L in the OS is intended for the larger screen.

Android 12LOS is expected to be available to users in the first half of next year. It also has a new desktop computer-style taskbar to make it easier to switch from one app to another. The user can switch from one app to another through the taskbar while in split screen mode. Changes are also being made to the layout of the home screen, notifications, lock screen and quick settings. Two different documents can be viewed simultaneously on two screens on the foldable phone. Along with this, there is information that a new update is being brought to this OS to make common apps friendly to the big screen. We will have to wait for a few days to know more about the full features of Android 12L.

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