Another Poco X3 explodes

Another Poco X3 explodes

v April this year one of users suddenly exploded and fired smartphone small x3in which That moment was charging. No passed and Four months And A similar story happened.

What happened?

Affected user reported in happened with twitter He same model Poco X3 was bought only a few months back. v The moment of the explosion, the gadget was connected to charger and lay on Bed.

To Fortunately, the user got off with a burnt blanket cloth, but The smartphone itself is completely out Construction from this it remains:

Owner needs replacement for new equipment, in Otherwise, he threatens to contact Court. Poco Rep Instant responded to message and Promised to find out. «We are sorry to hear this, and we hope you v the protection. v Poco All of our devices pass multiple quality checks, and we We provide maximum utility at all your equipment. to make sense of this question, please share the below information, and we we will contact You», Written by company representatives Social Networks.

a source: Ammybhardwaj

Do you know

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