Another SpaceX shuttle crashed: “Scatter everywhere”

Another SpaceX shuttle crashed:

SpaceX recorded another failure on a test flight tonight (Tuesday) when the prototype of its unmanned shuttle failed to successfully land in an experiment conducted in Boca Chica, Texas. According to the company, its engineers are investigating the cause of the accident. “We have lost all information from the vehicles,” company engineer John Iceproker said in a video flight of the test flight. “We need to hear from the launch team what happened.”

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The fog had caused the Internet broadcast of the flight to become hazy, making it difficult for the ferry to land. Shuttle pieces were found scattered within a radius of 8 km from the launch site. This missile was part of a series of prototypes of the heavy shuttle developed by Elon Musk’s private space company, which plans to fly humans (up to 100 tons) of cargo to the moon and Mars).

Viewers watch SpaceX’s shuttle landing attempt in dense fog Photo: Reuters

The final starship shuttle, which will reach 120 meters with the first-stage rocket, is scheduled for the next generation of reusable SpaceX aircraft – and at the heart of Musk’s ambitions to make space travel the subject of routines.

The first flight in the wiring orbital is scheduled to take place at the end of the year. Musk, who heads electric car maker Tesla, said he plans to fly Japanese billionaire Yosko Mazawa around the moon in Starship in 2023.

The 8SN and 9SN starship ferries exploded upon landing in their test flights. 10SN managed to land in a vertical position earlier this month, but went up in flames about eight minutes after landing.

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