Apple designs face masks with a ‘unique’ look for retail employees

Apple designs face masks with a 'unique' look for retail employees
  • Apple Pull design teams have created custom face masks for Apple Pull employees.
  • According to Bloomberg, the mask has a “unique” appearance, with a large nose and chin shield, the first to report its development.
  • Ever since the epidemic broke out, Apple has been offering healthcare workers PPEs such as face masks and ieldals. Has worked to provide.
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M .k. IPod. IPhone. IPad. The Apple Watch. Airpods.

And now, Apple Pull Face Mask.

The engineering teams responsible for the iPhone and iPad have designed special face masks for Paul employees, as reported by First Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Although images of the new mask are yet to be released, a Bloomberg report states that Apple’s engineering and design department created the mask with a “unique look”, including “large covers for the wearer’s nose and chin,” as well as “adjustable” strings. “Three layers in it can be washed five times.

Apple Play told Bloomberg that it designed the mask keeping in mind the supply chain of existing personal protective devices, taking care not to disrupt the current flow.

To disappoint some fans of Pal, the masks are made for Apple’s corporate and retail employees, rather than the general public. Masks will be sent to employees in the next two weeks. Currently, it is unknown whether Apple will try to distribute the Pulse mask more widely.

In addition to its custom-designed Apple Pul mask, the company is also turning employees into transparent surgical masks, so that hearing-impaired customers can see employees’ faces and understand them more clearly. According to Bloomberg, it is the first fully clear surgical mask to be recognized by the FDA.

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Apple Pal Face Shield

A face ield designed by Hospital Paul for hospital workers.


This personal protective device is not Apple’s first metal in the game. In April, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple has announced that U.S. Will donate 20 million face masks to health care workers. The tech company also designed and manufactured face shields for hospital workers, with plans to do 1 million shipping per week.

Read Bloomberg’s original report on Blo Pal Face Mask Here.


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