Apple Watch Series 7, released watchOS 8.3. Reported problem with charging due to

If you’re also having trouble charging your Apple Watch Series 7, you’re not alone. It’s probably watchOS 8.3’s fault

Apple Watch Series 7 having trouble charging after update to watchOS 8.3 (Unsplash)

for a few days now, Apple have released new versions of their operating systems. apart from various iOS, iPadOS and macOS, the Cupertino giants have rightly focused apple watch, The update to version 8.3 of the watchOS software brings with it a few small tricks that make its use better and more fluid.

Many users a. are the owners of apple watch series 7 In fact, they are experiencing something annoying Charging problem. And only after installing the operating system update. Many reports are indeed a matter of concern third party charger, and not an official item of the Cupertino company.

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apple watch series 7 battery charging problem

Apple Watch Recarica 20211223
There have been many reports from users on Reddit (Adobe Stock).

a problem with battery is charging which is specifically a . being informed by the owners of apple watch series 7 that they use Third Party Chargers. Apparently, updating the watchOS system to version 8.3 caused a major problem. ,I updated my Watch to the latest version available last night, put it on my charger this morning, and after an hour, I saw the charge rate increase by about 2%. I also tried my husband’s watch and got the same result“Informed One person his reddit.

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there are also complaints battery training When the device is on the dock. ‚ÄúProblems with watchOS 8.3 are becoming more common. This is a crazy situation, it loads 2% in 10 minutes. What could it be? Super slow charging especially for Apple Watch Series 7 or what?! “ Writes another apparently impatient consumer. It seems a temporary solution is restarting the device, but it would be better to wait A fix from Apple itself. The company has not yet expressed itself about this.

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