APU Roadmap 2021/2022: Rumors talk of Barso-U and Dragon Crest

Image: AMD

Following the upcoming mobile, 15-watt APU of the U-series of Cezanne and Lusine’s type already old friends, according to the latest rumors, Barcello-U and Dragon Crest will also appear in 2022. Barcelo-Yu replaces Lucian-Yu, while Dragon Crest follows Van Gogh in the 9-watt square.

Ryzen APUs from 4.5 to 45 Watts

Once again, rumors come from Twitter user @_rogame
Which is known for its impeccable nose. He was the first to share information about a possible future AMD APU via the short message service Twitter.

Rembrandt is to pair the Zen 3+ with the DDR5 and USB4 in 6Nm and follow the Cezanne-H in the 45 watt class of the year, followed by Ryzen 9 5900HX and 5900HS at the top, which is still Zen. Mix 3 with Vega.

There were also early rumors about Van Gogh with the Zen 2 core and the Navi GPU and its designated successor Dragon Crest in August of this year. On the other hand, Barcello-U appears for the first time and is to replace Lucian-U in 2022 as an entry-level solution in the 15-watt square.

Roadmap for Ryzen APUs in 4.5 to 45 watt class * 2021/2022

From now on @_rogame The shared AMD roadmap 2021/2022 brings a bit more commands to different code names. Along with Cezanne and Lucian, AMD will go two ways for the first time in 2021 and will use both Zen2 and Zen3 within the Ryzen 5000U series. On the other hand, in the 45 watt class, Sizen-H based on Zen 3 is used.

In the 4.5-watt APU class, AMD is even going to use first-gen generation Polak in 14 nm, and pairing it with the Vega.


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