Archaeological News: Humans and Neanderthals Engaged in 100,000 Years of War Science | News

  Archaeological News: Humans and Neanderthals Engaged in 100,000 Years of War Science |  News

Homo Neanderthalsis, or Neanderthals, and Homo sapiens, which we are, both sprouted from the same evolutionary branch. About 600,000 years ago, humanity split into two. Mention was made of people living in caves heading to Europe and Asia while Homo sapiens lived in Africa.

However, it was this split that eventually led to the war for supremacy between the two races.

Both Homo sapiens and Neanderthals were extremely skilled at hunting, fighting and organizing – the three characteristics of the key to war.

Neanderthals were making a fuss all over the world, forcing humans to live in Africa.

However, because of the tremendous breeding power of that human, we eventually had to move out of Africa in search of new habitat and food.

Unfortunately for humans, Neanderthals had already made their mark on the planet and wanted to make the placed humans their own.

This led to a battle for supremacy between the two species that your ancestors won.

Humans and Neanderthals share very similar anatomy and they also had 99.7 percent identical DNA.

As you can imagine, this means that they were virtually like us; That includes being fairly regional and taking whatever you have to take.

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“It is highly unlikely that modern humans met Neanderthals and just decided to live and survive.

“If nothing else, population growth inevitably forces humans to get more land to ensure adequate food for their children, hunting and grazing.

“Instead, for thousands of years, we must test their fighters, and for thousands of years, we kept losing. In weapons, in strategy, in tactics, we matched exactly the same.

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“Eventually, the impasse broke, and the tide changed. Why we don’t know. Excellent range of weapons – surrenders, javelin throwers, throwing clubs are possible – little homo sapiens can knock out stocky Neanderthals from a distance. Using hit and run tactics. .

“Or perhaps better hunting and collecting techniques allow the sapins to feed larger tribes, creating numerical superiority in battle.

“Even after the ancient Homo sapiens erupted from Africa 200,000 years ago, it took 150,000 years to conquer the land of Neanderthals.

“In Israel and Greece, the ancient Homo sapiens took to the field only to retreat against the Neanderthal counteroffenses, before being finalized by modern Homo sapiens 125,000 years ago.

“This was no blitzkrieg, as one would expect if Neanderthals were either pacifists or secondary fighters, but a long-running war of despair.

“Eventually, we won. But it wasn’t because they were less inclined to fight. In the end, we probably did. They got better at battle.”


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