Are Android Auto news confusing? Here is a summary

Android Auto

This is a construction site where work almost never stops, Android Auto. Which is undoubtedly a good thing as it indicates Google’s continued commitment to improving the platform, but some would prefer more continuity to metabolize news. From time to time it can be useful To shorten Has already surfaced Android Auto And what will come in the near future.

Android Auto opens for third-party navigation app

The first big step has been taken recently: a few days ago Sijik is Reached stable version On Android Auto after TomTom Had debuted On stage at the beginning of the year. At the time the only options for navigating with Android Auto were Google Maps and Waze, the latter app owned by Google for a few years, so long gone. The availability of Chargemaps and plugshare was positive, especially for electric vehicle drivers.

Android auto’s driving mode will turn off screen

driving mode Keeps maximum grip on Android Auto post haste. It recently arrived in Germany and is now only a short time before it arrives in all countries, although it is not by those who appreciate the simplified interface that appears on the smartphone display when connected in a car: driving mode By Android Auto Will replace itMaking the robot usable only through car sounds or physical commands.

Android Auto “strengthens” with Porsche

The link with the Stuttgart carmaker is very recent: at the end of last month it became known that this too Porsche – With guilty delays – First, will support Android Auto 911 model year 2022. But it was only a short time before Google covered the entire electric and combustion range of the historic brand in robot wildfires orchids Volkswagen.

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Bug mom is always pregnant

Those who use Android Auto on a daily basis are likely to know something from the previous year Discrepancy That platform suffers. Many have been fixed, but it seems that the bug’s mom is always pregnant: the last time mass concerns were reported, once again, to those coming from Messages, the most popular messaging app with Android Auto Refusal to read as if WhatsApp.

Thread Android Auto’s support pages are still open, but Google was not aware of it Work hard to fix it. Looking at the past, it is no guarantee that it will happen soon, but it is still the first step towards resolution.

Optimization for night mode and changes to USB debugging

Both new features of Android Auto have not been released yet, but there are many clues that night mode Google Maps may soon enjoy new settings that will give greater margins of customization, and a feature dedicated to other, “advanced” users for managing USB debugging: We discussed both a few days ago. This article.

and also March update Launched many new features for apps, wallpapers, games, and split screens.


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