Are the coordinates of the mysterious organization exposed? A large number of mysterious blue “M” signs appear on Google Maps !!

 Are the coordinates of the mysterious organization exposed?  A large number of mysterious blue

I believe everyone has used Google Maps, but have you noticed that a lot of blue “M” signs appear in recent maps in Hong Kong? What does these “M” mean? Landmark for “mall mall” monitor system? Where has the epidemic occurred? Smart lamp post? Or did Google Maps accidentally uncover the stronghold of a mysterious organization?

Today, Hong Kong Youtubers are searching for the answer to this mysterious “Blue M”. It can be seen in the video that he looked at the locations with “Blue M”, and eventually found that every common point of “Blue M” was monitored by CCTV. And he also found that Mong Coke had “Mega Million” The “Blue M” sign in the center is the most dense, and many CCTVs were actually found at that location. He also informed that several incidents had taken place in the same street. year.Incident of throwing water at high altitude, So many “eyes of the sky” surveillance systems have been installed near roads. Is this “ Blue M ” really “ for monitor system ” ?!

There is a line of Blue M signs at Mong Kok’s Mega Center

If you locate a map of a state or city that has an underground rail system in the United States, you will find that these “Blue M” represent metro stations. So the answer is ready to come out. The “Blue M” sign on Google means “metro station”. But this answer is actually only half correct, because on Google Maps, railway stations from different countries actually use different icons. The metro station in Taipei, Taiwan is marked by the “Taipei Mass Rapid Transit” logo. The metro station in Kaohsiung is marked. With the “Kaohsiung MRT” logo.

As you can see on the map of New York, Blue M means “metro station”

Back to Hong Kong, in fact, the Google Maps icon of the Hong Kong metro station is the red logo of “MTR Hong Kong Railway”. But when I came here, the editor found the problem. Probably still using the MTR logo, what does “Blue M” mean? And where it appears is not an MTR station, and some areas are very dense. To be honest, these “Blue M” are already dazzled when you zoom in on the map.

The editor believes that this is a chance for Google Maps to have some bugs, so if this is true, then in the future Google should solve the problem in a short time. After all, it is very annoying. If it is really special. Meaning, I hope Google can publish some announcements on the Internet, otherwise it would be difficult for ordinary people to explain what this “Blue M” is.

Hong Kong metro stations are displayed with the “MTR” logo

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