Are you jealous of a luxury Audi for the police? Soon he…

  Are you jealous of a luxury Audi for the police?  Soon he…

Tesla is at the top of car satisfaction ratings, and the company’s fan base is growing at an incredible rate. However, this is not enough for the company and it is constantly looking for new positions. The company’s interest seems to have shifted to special service cars this time around.

According to sources, Tesla has already developed a special modification of the Model 3, which will be tested in the UK police car fleet.

Interestingly, the Tesla Model 3 with the police insignia is not new to US residents. Several police departments in this country have already done the calculations and concluded that operating this car is far more cost effective than any other.

The Bargersville Police Department in Indiana has estimated it would save about $6,000 a year over the Tesla Model 3. The Fremont City Police (home of the Tesla Plant), which uses the Model Y for patrol, have similar ideas.

What is special about this project of the company? All Tesla cars bought for police so far have been converted by third-party companies, and this time the work will be done by Tesla itself.

While it is unclear what the Model 3 modification will be for UK police testing, it is speculated to be a more expensive and faster performance model, accelerating to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and about 500 km/h on a single charge. km capacity.

If the tests in this country are successful, it is very likely that the Model 3 will lead to mass electrification of police official cars, potentially involving other countries on the European continent, including Lithuania.

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