Artificial Intelligence: Crazy Vision for Nvidia and Company

Artificial Intelligence: Crazy Vision for Nvidia and Company

Tech Super Bull Kathy Wood is making huge losses. Going slow and slowing down clearly isn’t an option for the head of Arc Invest, which is now issuing a powerful forecast.

Reality and the present are not very editable these days. There are reports of declining buying and e-commerce sales from Goldman Sachs giants Blankfein and Elon Musk, as well as fears of a recession. But now Kathy Wood is predicting the hammer once again. It tweeted that breakthroughs in general artificial intelligence “could increase economic growth from 3 to 5 percent per year to 30 to 50 percent per year” within the next 6 to 12 years.

We also see great opportunities for increasingly Nvidia chips and AI applications, as AI experts and users have repeatedly confirmed. However, as discussed in the current program on AKTIONÄR TV, such ark forecasts should be treated with caution and an increase of this magnitude is simply impossible.

Tesla, Nvidia, Bitcoin under review

Self-driving dreams for Tesla

As reported, Arc Invest recently issued a bull case that Tesla could be dreaming of $486 billion in software robotic car sales by 2026 — which self-driving experts say Pro. Marcus Lienkamp makes us doubt, In addition, now self-propelled promises are being criticized. In a new Hulu documentary.

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internet of robots

Nvidia boss Jensen Huang also drew attention with his Vision 2021. He wants to build a network of billions and trillions of intelligent devices in the next few years. “Combined with artificial intelligence, this Internet will be a thousand times bigger than the human Internet of today.”

After Nvidia: New Purchases in Depot 2030

Nvidia has been on the AKTIONÄR Hot Stock Report recommendation list since 2015 and is up 3,000 percent since then. How will paper be handled in Depot 2030 and what new battery stocks will be bought today Find out here.

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