Authority rejects funding for Starlink: SpaceX doesn’t keep promises

Authority rejects funding for Starlink: SpaceX doesn't keep promises

SpaceX’s satellite internet is too slow to be supported with public money.

Responsible for broadcast, satellite and cable US Authority FCC removes financial help for Starlink Project. Total raised by the company $886 million Satellite internet is available to provide in rural areas.

As part of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund through 5 billion dollars in detail Broadband Internet and Fiber Optics Flow in 47 States 2 of Selected Companies – Space Company SpaceX and an Internet Service Provider called . is called Limited Broadband – Now empty handed.

Starlink does not meet requirements

In a statement, the FCC said that “the applications do not show that the providers have been able to deliver on their promises.” FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said that “one cannot afford to support projects that may not meet the promised pace or meet other program requirements.”

The FCC awarded $886 million to SpaceX in December 2020 to make its Starlink offering available in approximately 640,000 locations in 35 states. The aim was to achieve internet speed in at least 99.7 percent of the cities 100 megabits/second to be able to offer.

“Starlink’s technology shows real potential,” Rosenworcel says with conviction. “But the question is whether we should support that technology, which is still under development, with public money.”

bandwidth issues

Satellite Internet Starlink is currently advertising bandwidth between 50 and 200 MB / s – Very little for authorization. Measurements show that internet speeds have decreased significantly from the end of 2021 to the middle of 2022. Another problem is Starlink’s high cost. cost of satellite dish alone $599come monthly 110 dollars for Internet access.

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Until recently, Starlink struggled with problems delivering the promised bandwidths. The reason for this appears to be overloading due to too many users, some of whom only 5 megabits per second could get. So SpaceX wants to send more satellites into space, but it will take time.

Starlink includes 2,700 satellites (Status: July 2022), which orbit the Earth in near-Earth orbit and can also supply remote locations with the Internet via their own satellite dishes. In June, Satellite Internet Matters 500,000 active users,


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