AV Linux MX-21: Multimedia Distribution for Artists and Creative People

AV Linux MX-21: Multimedia-Distribution für Künstler und Kreative

AV Linux MX-21 is a multimedia-focused distribution for artists and creatives to work with music, photos and videos using a free Linux-based operating system. The latest versions are based on MX-21 (“Wildflower”) and Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) as well as the current system kernel Linux 5.15 LTS.

Delivery for the creative mind

In addition to more than 57,000 software packages from the official Debian repositories, Avi Linux provides users with a number of curated multimedia applications, tools, and plugins with their own package sources, such as Ardor 6.9, a powerful open-source digital audio workstation (black crow), and KXStudio for professional audio production, as well cinelera For video production.

Avi Linux MX-21 (Image: Avi Linux)

as well as drum machines such as hydrogenPolyphonic and Dragonfly Reverb as well as faudio and surge synthesizers are just a few of the many productive applications that come with the new AV Linux 2021.05 “out-of-the-box”.

AV Linux MX-21 (“Consciousness”)
  • XFCE 4.16
  • openbox 3.61
  • Linux 5.15.0-10.1LTS
  • AHS (“Advanced Hardware Support”)
  • Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) and MX-21 (“Wildflower”)
  • Mesa 3D Graphics Stack Version 21.2.5

The work environment can be either Xfce 4.16 or Slim Window Manager open box In version 3.6.1.

Evie Linux MX-21 .  feature set of
The feature set of the Evie Linux MX-21 (Image: Avi Linux)

Current software and useful scripts

New software packages such as the Mozilla Firefox 97 and Chromium 98 browsers and the free LibreOffice 7.3.0 office suite are available for everyday use.

Small, predefined scripts also make life more enjoyable for creative users in AV Linux MX-21 and permanently automate recurring task steps and tasks, if desired.

If a specific piece of software cannot be found in the Debian repository or AV Linux package archive, it can be easily installed from external sources in a shielded sandbox environment using the free Flatpak container format.

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Support for the Windows Compatibility Layer (WINE) and ASIO drivers, which is very important for audio production, has also been expanded once again.

High-performance kernel optimized for multimedia

MX-21 comes by default in AV Linux wine dropA high performance kernel optimized for multimedia production, streaming and very low latency requirements. For the first time ever, Linux distributions can now be used with software packages as well. app image Byeway.

AV Linux MX-21 Available Now

3.3 GB big and on amd 64 customized system image Evie Linux MX-21 (ISO) Now available for download. As always, the developers have more information in the official release notes Also on the developer platform’s project page GitHub Abbreviation.

key developer Glenn MacArthur Guides you through the feature set of multimedia delivery in 20-minute videos and provides relevant impressions.


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