Be careful, remove these 8 dangerous crypto apps from your Android phone immediately!


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There are 8 malicious applications related to cryptocurrency that have been removed from Google Play Store. Photo: ist

Jakarta hacker Take advantage of the momentum of popularity cryptocurrency To create applications containing malware and scams.

Hackers try to lure common people, who are following the trend of investing cryptocurrency With the promise of earning huge profits by investing money in apps that claim to provide a wide range of services for mining crypto.

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Observed users end up installing a malicious application on their smartphone, which contains malicious malware and adware.

The app pays for the subscription service with an average monthly fee of USD15 by forcing its victims to watch ads, and promises to enhance their crypto mining capabilities without receiving financial compensation in return.

Well, here are 8 dangerous apps that have been removed from Google Play Store, make sure to remove these apps from your phone:

1. Bitfund – Crypto Cloud Mining Application

2. Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining Application

3. Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet Application

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