Before Hanging Gloves, Tim Cook Would Like to Launch a New Product Category

Before Hanging Gloves, Tim Cook Would Like to Launch a New Product Category

According to Mark Gurman, Tim Cook would like to launch a new product category before relinquishing his seat as Apple’s CEO. in that News bulletin Weekly, it reports ” Symptoms “Internally, which is As head of Apple for ten years It reportedly intends to oversee one last big launch which could be augmented reality glasses. It will still take a long time for the Apple Car, developed over the years under the Titan project, to bear its first fruits.

According to Gurman, Apple still plans to launch a mixed reality headset next year, but augmented reality glasses aren’t expected to launch until mid-decade. Therefore, Tim Cook could leave his position between 2025 and 2028 (knowing that Apple would have to give him 1 million shares if it lasts until 2025).

Robot picture of virtual and augmented reality headset

Robot portrait of Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset


Oculus Quest 2, a prototype of Apple’s VR/AR headset?

The producer’s boss had already indicated last April that he had not seen himself « maybe more » CEO in ten years – Then he will be 70 years old. and according to nosy bloombergCook understands that to run a Silicon Valley business, you have to be relatively young.

As for who could take it, who would be smart enough to say so but there is a “succession plan” within Apple’s management that the same bloomberg Described last year (read: Who will succeed the current leaders of Apple?) Of course there’s a lot of talk about Jeff Williams, handyman within the group But who is not younger than Tim Cook.

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