Berit Glanz about the T.Rex in front of the Googleplex

Berit Glanz about the T.Rex in front of the Googleplex

DGoogleplex in Mountain View, Calif., Alphabet Inc. Headquarters of which is the parent company of Google, Many modern legends have developed through laundry services through the Googleplex workplace and its wide range of exclusive environments, restaurants and sports facilities. The Googleplex environment quickly became a metaphor for the realities of modern technological work in Silicon Valley. These include ending a strict separation between work and personal life and the service mentality with which employees are cared for. In such a lavishly designed environment, the art on the building located there is charged with meaning and carefully observed.

Installations and sculptures in and around the Googleplex are often located at the intersection of brand identity, advertising and art. These include, for example, the large Android figurines that were used to envision every new version of the smartphone operating system for many years – until this tradition ended in 2020 with a reorientation toward virtual 3D objects. happened. In the context of the playful nerd culture, art created in the Google universe has always included references to an understanding of technology and the future of one of the world’s biggest tech companies.

he has dino times in his mouth

Currently in front of the Googleplex is a bronze statue of Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a copy of “Dino Times” in its mouth. It is only natural to read this as a farewell to the print media tradition that is considered a fossil. Over the years of engineering, however, this sculpture—it was acquired from the Museum of Natural History in Washington by T. rex – a fossil in its own right, dating from circa 2006. However, of all accounts of dinosaurs, it remains unclear who created it and how it got there in the first place.

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The mystery of the sculpture that suddenly appeared is an important part of the popular story of the Googleplex as a creative space for self-realization that company employees can help shape and transform. It also means that dinosaurs have gone through several stages of decoration in recent years. There are pictures where it is covered in pink flamingo from top to bottom. Therefore the current edition of the newspaper can only be read as a secondary reference to the print media, which is treated as a fossil; Instead, it’s about staging a humorous, technology- and science-inspired creativity that the Googleplex has to offer to the outside world.


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