Best apps to start the new season

Best apps to start the new season

The new Formula 1 season begins this weekend in a new era. after the dutchman Max Verstappen Was able to win its first World Championship title, it is above all the major changes in vehicles and rules that cause great excitement before the first race.

Bahrain Grand Prix Also used as a form of placement for teams that haven’t actually been able to look at the cards so far. Whether on TV or on site, anyone who wants to follow the season can hardly avoid the right apps.

we present you Formula 1 Apps Front:

  • ORF TVthek and ServusTV: iOS and Android
  • Sky Go and Sky Ticket: iOS and Android
  • formula 1: iOS and Android
  • F1 Race Guide: iOS and Android
  • F1 Clash: iOS and Android

TVthek and ServusTV

While German Formula 1 fans can no longer watch Formula 1 on free TV, the situation is slightly different in Austria. Since last year, ORF and ServusTV have shared the rights for the entire Formula 1 season. the race is almost always in return So that one weekend can be found on ORF and one weekend on ServTV.

ORF broadcasts find one of the most popular German-speaking Commentator Duos, Ernest Hosletner And Alexander Wurjo, Instead. Next on ServusTV Andreas Groebli among other things nico hulkenberg And Mathew Lauda Hear. Both the offers can be availed through in-house apps.

ORF provides all live streams through TVthek. Training, qualifying and running are described here as dynamic quality and per . can be seen in restart function Delay can also be seen. And ServusTV app also provides a classic live stream for weekend events in its app.

ORF TVthek (iOSfree | Androidfree) and ServusTV (iOSfree | Androidfree of charge) are available in the respective stores.

Sky Go and Sky Ticket

In addition to the wide range of free TV, the German-speaking region has a third player, which airs Formula 1. Pay-TV provider Sky has its own motorsport channel since 2021, which in addition to Formula 1, broadcasts F2, F3 and W-Series as well as other motorsport events such as support races.

While viewers in Germany can only access Sky, it pay tv offers In Austria there is an option to switch between ORF and ServusTV. Sky broadcasts all training sessions, qualifications and of course races. There is also a comprehensive additional offer. So Sky provides a lot of additional information about the race and show press conferences over the weekend.

This is also a special feature second screen offer, Here, customers can use the Sky Sport app to create their own on-board channel track, which provides additional insight into the cockpit. Whereas Sky was previously only available to customers with long-term contracts, content can now also be subscribed through Sky Ticket without any commitment. The Sky Go app is available to Classic Television subscribers.

sky Go (iOSfree | AndroidFree), Sky Ticket (iOSfree | Androidfree) and Sky Sports (iOSfree | Androidfree of charge) are available in the respective stores.

formula 1

In addition to the TV broadcast, there is a lot of information during and outside the race that may be of interest to Formula 1 fans. One of the best places to go is here official app of Formula 1. In the free part of the app we find lots of news and analysis on the various components of Racing Circus. There are, among other things, insights and expert assessments from drivers and team managers.

To keep track of all the events in different time zones, the app comes in a compact . provides start time overview and related results. There is also a live leaderboard with current distances during the weekend. For all those for whom that just isn’t enough, there’s also the F1 TV Access subscription. There are countless additional data that are presented in a beautifully crafted way in the app.

So we get the fraction of radio traffic Worked between teams in writing and in sound. With Driver Tracker, we also keep track of the current status of the driver. but they are especially exciting telemetry data. Here we see throttle and brake usage, speed, gear and DRS usage in real time. There is information available on used tires and tires still available.

Formula 1 is free iOS And Android, Access membership is available for EUR 2.99 per month.

F1 Race Guide

While you can relax and watch race weekend from the couch, we also have a relatively large number of options, especially in Austria race on site To see. Apart from the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, several European races are more or less nearby. in two races Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium As France And Monaco are relatively close. Anyone who decides to travel will also be provided with a suitable app.

The F1 Race Guide provides everything important for the race weekend. Each route has its own category in which all the information about the site can be viewed. There are plenty of suggestions for both the city and the race track that will enrich your stay. So that we do not lose track on the site, among other things, there is a own card With restaurants, shops or public transport that guides us the way to the site.

Everywhere All programs There is also a separate calendar with all the main and side events to keep track of which can be consumed from Thursday to Sunday. In entertainment guide All leisure activities that can be used outside the route are also listed.

F1 Race Guide is free iOS And Android Available.

F1 Clash

While most people would never dream of having their own racing team, we can at least make it happen in F1 clash simulationWhat would it be like to lead your own team? F1 Clash is a compact strategy game in which we will manage all the components of the team to achieve maximum success. Thanks to official license In Formula 1 we have the choice between real drivers and real teams.

In addition, all routes of the racing calendar are included. Each of our decisions has an impact on the success of the team. The right combination of drivers decides between success and failure during the race. But this also vehicle development Depends on our selection.

During the race we have to get up in seconds racing events Give feedback and take the right decision. It is important to move vehicle development away from the race track. Also played in PvP doubles weekly league, where we compete with other players from around the world. There are also GP events every race weekend that we can record.

F1 clash is free iOS And Android Available.

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