Best Music Maker Apps for iOS and Android

Best Music Maker Apps for iOS and Android

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When GarageBand first appeared on the iPad in 2011, many people were amazed. Such a comprehensive music-making app was impressive at the time and was unique even at the time because of the way it worked. Although over the years it has evolved in this area did some work,

Of drum padabout dj app To singing app Nowadays everything is available in shops. Thanks to the simple operation and playful mode, these are suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

we present you music apps front:

  • garage band: iOS
  • BandLab: iOS and Android
  • Beat Maker Go: iOS and Android
  • DJ: iOS and Android
  • Smule: iOS and Android

garage band

Already a veteran among music applications, GarageBand is still an up-to-date and reasonably well-maintained program in the Apple universe. First released for the Mac in 2004, the app soon took over the iPad and later the iPhone thanks to more powerful hardware. The app, which was still subject to a fee at the time, is more than just a toys, GarageBand can be used to create perfect pieces of music that, with the right talent, can sound amazing.

When it comes to the choice of devices, the name GarageBand is no exaggeration. Options include keyboards, smart guitars, smart basses, drums, cello and some exotic instruments. Thanks for the features like live loopsWith a clear dashboard and the option to import and export music content, both amateur and professional musicians can achieve a lot with GarageBand.

GarageBand is free for iOS Available.


The BandLab app takes a similar approach to GarageBand. Also here we get many instruments And components that, with a little talent, can be combined to make great music. Regardless of your own skills, the app is basically suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Thanks to an extremely simple user interface, you can music enthusiastsThose who can’t read sheet music or have never had a musical instrument on hand can make quieter sounds with a few typing gestures.

with more than 300 MIDI Instruments and almost 200 Effect Presets Here too, the selection is anything but limited. There is hardly a tool that cannot be found in BandLab. If you want to give the music a special touch, you can use samples to create your own sounds. Here we can record sounds from our surroundings and use them while making music.

BandLab not only provides an interface for creating music, the app also provides a one of a kind social network To. Here users can exchange information about the music they create and share it with others. You can also collaborate with up to 50 other people to create complete tasks at once.

bandlab is free iOS And Android Available.

beat maker go

who on one huge selection of equipment Without a can and prefer to process beats instead, Beat Maker Go is the right address. The app leaves little to be desired when it comes to beats. The virtual drum pad controller allows beginners and professionals alike to create and mix a wide variety of beats and music tracks. Even users with no experience will find their way around Beat Maker Go in a flash. Getting Started With Choosing One sound pack created, which can be easily selected through the media library.

Here we have, among other things, packages of styles net, dub stage, Hip Hop either Mumble for settlement. Each style has several packs to choose from that we can preview and apply directly to the drum pads if we prefer. While the pros here know immediately what they need to do to produce music, beginners will do nothing more than just press a few keys.

Here too, Beat Maker Go has something ready. we can use our own mods Flickering Learn to work with drum pads. Different directions are divided into difficulty and level, which can be increased according to the progress of learning. Also we can play against friends and other players challenge Compete and put your name on the leaderboard.

Beat Maker Go is free for iOS And Android Available.


DJ is almost a veteran among music apps. The DJ app was one of the first apps in the region on the iPhone, and for many people it still is. fixed measurement, While the app was used more for spontaneous entertainment in the early days, DJ is now an almost complete DJ app that allows music to be produced and mixed. Whether we’re professional disc jockeys or just looking for a gimmick, the DJ suits both camps relatively well.

Basically we need no more than input music and our fingers to get started. can be fed into the music own filesWhich can be imported into the app. In addition, the app supports some streaming services, which makes feeding even easier. These include Tidal, SoundCloud or Beatport. Once we have selected one or more tracks, we can start mixing. Those who have no idea about DJ instruments will at first scratch wildly.

However, over time, you can get to know many additional elements of a DJ desk as well. offer with dj neural mix Opening up the vocals, drums and instrumental tracks to separate tracks from each other and being able to use them separately.

The individual parts can then be edited and remixed separately. thanks for doing Sample We can also create our own beats directly in the app and add them to our music. Up to 48 slots, allows looper loops to be stored conveniently. If you want to make it easy for yourself, let the AI ​​take control of the steering. based on artificial intelligence Here own mixes are made completely automatically.

djay is free iOS And Android Available. Full use requires a subscription of 6.99 euros per month.


Friends of Singing will find exactly what they are looking for in Smule. While many apps rely on instruments, beats, and mixing, Smule is devoted entirely to singing. Karaoke app has a lot for singing talents. in more and more 10 million songs Extensive library We can choose our favorite songs and sing them ourselves. The Smule library is anything but a sham and includes songs from top international stars.

known size as Ed Sheeran or Demi Lovato They are even represented on Smule with their own content that can be used for duets. Basically, Smule differentiates between 3 modes. Fans of solo entertainment can always sing individually and create their own content in solo mode. Those who prefer to sing with friends or strangers can collaborate with others in duet or group mode. If we have selected a desired song, Smule shows us the related song Lyrics And supports us in hitting the tone.

If we record our vocals but are not completely satisfied with the sound, Smule allows editing later. here we can be the boss audio effects Add via easy-to-use menu. If we feel confident or just want to have fun, the app allows us to sing together with friends through live mode. Because Smule also as own network We may share our content with the world and make it available for others to use.

smule is free iOS And Android Available.

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