Best Vegetarian Recipe Apps for iOS and Android

Best Vegetarian Recipe Apps for iOS and Android

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long vegetarian diet niche topic Yes, animal-free diets have become more and more established in recent years. Near animal victim component and healthy nutrition climate protection Vegetarianism has become one of the main arguments for the diet.

When it comes to cooking in particular, many people initially fear the injustice that the choice is extremely limited and quickly becomes boring. Vegan recipe apps not only provide a wealth here InspirationThey also help us in normal transformation.

we present you Vegetarian Recipes Apps before this:

  • Gonuts: iOS and Android
  • Food Monsters: iOS
  • Vegetarian Chef: iOS and Android
  • simple vegetarian, iOS


When it comes to the first step towards a vegetarian diet, the supposedly small selection comes up again and again, especially in discussions. The classic arguments of opponents of vegetarian nutrition are almost the same. lack of choice The risk of boredom and nutritional deficiencies due to products, especially plant-based diets, cannot be replaced by not eating meat.

While arguments can be invalidated, it is not always easy, especially for newcomers, to find suitable replacement products and Recipe Options to find. This is where Gontas comes into play. The app describes itself as “vegetarian translator“, which aims to help us transition and generally into everyday vegan lives. Basically, we have to do nothing more than start the app and enter a word in the mask.

For example, if we type “breakfast”, we are presented with a selection that we can consume to start the day. These are not just clumsy tips, they are also recipes that are easy to make at home. Once we’ve found a recipe, the app not only shows us the estimated preparation and cooking times, but also difficulty level Feather.

In addition to complete recipes, the app supports us in using different substitute products, Like a seitan. For example, if we want to replace the protein in an egg with seitan, we enter “2 eggs to seitan” in the search mask. Then Gnuts gives us a number of grams that corresponds to same nutrient level Is equal to.

To be able to take into account allergies and other preferences in search, Gnuts has a filter function. Gluten, nuts and other allergens may be excluded here, as can products without the fair trade seal.

Gaunts is free iOS And Android Available.

food monster

App Food Monster sees himself as classic recipe app, only that it is completely designed for vegetarians. around 20,000 individual cooking instructions As can be seen here initially, according to the information of the app, 5 new recipes are added every day.

Food Monster doesn’t just give us some recommendations and ingredients, the app caters to a nearly unmistakable range of nutritional styles. The app has 600 filters to choose from, all allowing for detailed fine-tuning. of Allergy to staple foods A large number of foods and ingredients can be clearly excluded.

Food Monster not only makes a cool impression thanks to the many filters, but the app also impresses with its looks. As the app launches, we’re greeted with delicious images that should help us with our selection.

Food Monster distributes in 2 ways. On the one hand, we can choose a suitable one from 4 seasons. Within the respective seasons, it is then further divided into categories. below that, for example Main courses, desserts or snacks, If we want to filter more precisely, there are other tabs we can sort through. Certain sorting, for example, certain ingredients or diets is possible. If we follow a low-carb diet, the app can show us suitable recipes for it.

Once we find the right recipe, we get comprehensive instructions that clearly list all the ingredients and detail the relevant steps. In order not to lose track of the abundance of recipes, we can bookmark them or pin them to the top of the page so that we can always keep track of them.

Free for Food Monsters iOS Available. A subscription of €3.99 per month is required to fully use the app.

vegetarian chef

Vegetarian and closed too Austrian production The app is Vegan Chefy. The app has been available in the App Store since the beginning of the year and aims to support vegetarian cooking with many features. When we start the app, we are presented with a short overview of what Vegetarian Shefari can offer us. We can also specify whether we Notifications Want to allow weekly planning, a central feature of the app, to feed in good time, among other things.

Once we have clicked on the little introduction, we can create an account in the last step. It is mainly used for synchronizing our content, for example between tablet and smartphone, whereby registration is not mandatory.

Then we continue with the recipe overview. The selected recipes are presented here in an attractive manner and divided into categories. Categories include “simple dishes”, “pizza and pasta”, “oven dishes” or “breakfast”. Directly in the main overview we find a selection of recipes in each category. By tapping on “More”, we are presented with the full category, if desired. Each recipe image is equipped with a plus symbol, which allows us to integrate it directly into our weekly schedule Is allowed. Here we can also choose which days we want to provide the recipe and how many portions we plan on.

If we tap on one of the recipes, we are presented with a lot of information. Among other things, the duration and degree of difficulty of the preparation, as well as a short text about the dish. In content tab Vegetarian Chefry presents us with all the necessary ingredients, customized serving count,

If we want to buy our entire weekly plan in one go, we can add the ingredients for each recipe to the integrated shopping list. If the recipe is in our weekly plan, the transfer is done automatically.

in the tab “Step‘ Then we get to see the most important part of the recipe, accurate preparation instructions,

Vegan Cheffrey also has a little gimmick to give you a good conscience. in the tab “vegetarianism“We can see how many kilograms of CO₂ we have saved, how many animal lives we have saved and how much water we have saved from our changed diet.

Vegetarian Chefry is free for iOS And Android Available.

simple vegetarian

Not only can a change in cooking be difficult for some in the beginning, the general transition towards a vegetarian lifestyle can also be daunting. Austrian App Simple Vegan Combines Here One Recipe app with a basic guide, How the transition works smoothly.

If we start the app for the first time, we have to answer some questions. Among other things, Simple Vegan wants us to know if we’re already vegan or just want to start transitioning to a diet without animal products.

After a brief introduction, we can choose to have the app send us motivational messages to help us on our way to full conversion. Once the setup is complete, we are finished dashboard App. Here we look at the impact of our diet on the environment, the achievements we can collect over time and our daily journal that we can fill out if we wish.

If we’re new to the vegetarian “business,” we recommend taking the first detour to the guide. Here the app presents us with short text issues of vegetarianismIncluding what are the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, how well we can initiate the transition and how we vary the ingredients and vitamins.

Once we are familiar with the information, we can go directly to the “Recipes” tab. Here we find categories like “quick and easy”, “breakfast” or “soup”. If we tap on a recipe, we see preparation time, pre-configured portion sizes, and all the necessary ingredients that can be added to a unified shopping list at the touch of a button.

By swiping left we can switch to cooking instructions. If we’re looking to combine the vegetarian lifestyle with a typical diet, Simple Vegan has something to offer here as well. In the “Plan” tab we can agree nutrition plan Can be configured, which can provide equal support for weight gain and weight loss. Based on our body measurements, the app calculates the calorie requirement, which is loaded with suitable recipes.

simple vegan is free iOS Available. To use the full range of functions, a subscription is required from 2 euros per month.

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