Better than Google Photos: This clever Photos app for Android is more powerful

Better than Google Photos: This clever Photos app for Android is more powerful

Almost all Android phones are equipped with the practical photo management app Google Photos. It not only offers a gallery, but also provides a free photo storage. Previously, users could make full use of pre-installed applications and upload and download as many images and videos as they wanted.

From 1st June 2021 Google restricts the serviceOnly Google Pixel allows smartphone owners to store unlimited files on the platform.

If you are now looking for a new Photos app that offers the same functions as Google Photos but can do without the storage space, you can easily use the clever alternative app floral Avoid

Flowers: The Open Source Alternative to Google Photos

With Floral App you can manage your images easily and conveniently.

Photo: Flowers

Floral offers a handy alternative for anyone looking for a sleek photo management app but no longer wants to rely on Google’s services. Although the former free app does not offer its own cloud storage, it focuses more on the features it provides and the privacy of the users. In addition, the app is open source, so the source code is viewable by all users.

Floral allows you to store your images and videos in albums creatively and clearly. You can favorite images and mark collections as private so that they remain hidden. In addition, the app gives you direct access to your smartphone’s camera app, so you can take pictures quickly and easily, and has an integrated file manager.

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