Biggest Steam Flop of the Year? 6 percent approval for superpowers

 Biggest Steam Flop of the Year?  6 percent approval for superpowers

From Ronda Bachchan ,
GolemLabs developers recently released a new installment in the superpowered strategy simulation series. However, Superpower 3 isn’t doing very well on Steam at the moment. Of the reviews given so far, only six percent have been positive.

On October 7, developers GolemLabs and publisher THQ Nordic released a new part of the Superpowers series. Superpower 3 aims to be the most comprehensive and accurate simulation of the series to date, offering not only more modern graphics, but deeper game mechanics built from the ground up. However, this title is not looking good to the players at the moment. Superpower 3 is currently rated “Extremely Negative” on Steam.

“Card Simulator” instead of Strategy Party?

Superpower 3 was released on Steam on October 7, 2022. The title currently has 555 ratings, of which only six percent were positive (as of October 8, 12:30 PM). Some users praise the fun gameplay. Other players say that Superpower 3 should not have been released in its current state or should have been in Early Access.

However, negative voices about the title currently dominate the picture. The game should run poorly even on better equipped PCs and be prone to bugs and lags. Players also complain about a missing introduction or tutorial. Decisions in the game should have little effect. The gameplay is meaningless – you’ll just be adjusting the sliders, resulting in hardly any changes according to players on Steam.

SuperPower 3 comes from GolemLabs, which, among other things, already Guild 3 are known. Economic Simulation entered Early Access on Steam in 2017 and was also released on the platform. Penalized with disastrous user ratings, Publisher THQ then provided GolemLabs with further support of Studio Purple Lamp.

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