Bill Gates-funded robots set to build large-scale solar farms

Bill Gates-funded robots set to build large-scale solar farms

Automated manufacturing of systems should help achieve climate goals.

American company Terabase Energy has a financing round with $44 million Closed. one of the investors Breakthrough Energy Enterprisesat what point Bill Gates is involved and presides over the control room.

Terabase Energy aims to build giant solar systems as automatically as possible. Robots are used for this.

Robotic arms assemble solar panels

For this, a kind of pop-up factory will be set up at the construction site of the solar farm. Terabase System Calls terafab, Robotic arms deliver every 20 seconds 45 kg Heavy solar panels for essential sunlight tracking systems. Special vehicles then bring the panels to the place where they are attached to the ground. Vehicles are currently still controlled by people, but in the future they will be drive autonomously,

According to Terabase, this will eliminate the bottleneck. Although solar panels are becoming more and more efficient and cheaper, there is a shortage of skilled workers to set up a solar farm. This is partly because solar energy is in high demand at the moment and partly because huge solar farms are usually built where there is a lot of sun and space. so the workers have to strenuous physical activity one in hot, unreal area perform. So it is understandable that they prefer to install solar panels on the roofs of the houses in the city they live in.

Rapid independence from fossil fuels

According to Terabase, TeraFab aims to help achieve climate goals. only if the solar system faster than Enough energy can be generated to replace coal and natural gas power plants in good time. The sooner CO2 emissions are reduced, the greater the potential for mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

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Terafab is being used for the first time in a solar farm which is currently being built. The system is to be used extensively 2023 used. Funds raised from the financing round are also to be used to further develop Terabase’s planning software. The aim is to set up solar farms as efficiently as possible.


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