Bitcoin-based social network allows you to earn money with your publications

Bitcoin-based social network allows you to earn money with your publications
Important facts:
  • Zion is available on iOS and will be out for Android in October of this year.

  • The social network uses LND, an open source Lightning implementation.

Zion is the name of the new decentralized social network based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which allows, among other things, the creation and sharing of content. It does not store personal data and even users will be able to send and receive payments in leading cryptocurrencies.

“By replacing digital intermediaries with transparent open source protocols, Zion bypasses corporate profit motives and gives each user complete sovereignty over their entire digital experience, complete freedom of expression, and irrevocable custody of their personal information.” they explain in his web page.

According to Zion, users have the ability to reward content creators with bitcoin directly through Lightning. Social network allows users Send and receive payments instantly Through your own non-custodial wallet.

Zion will allow users to receive and pay in bitcoin for videos, memes, comments and photos. Source: Zion.

Imagine paying for that perfect meme or hilarious comment on your friend’s post. Convert your comments to cash. Convert your talent to bitcoin. Turn your satire into Satoshi”, he says to Zion.

Zion explains that messages on Lightning transactions are “essentially pieces of content,” ensuring that conversations are “untraceable and end-to-end encrypted.” every message 3. sending is included satoshi (sats) which are then returned to the user, so the cost is 0.

Your node, your access to Zion

To Enjoy Social Network, Users Must Use Nodes for Lightning Network of bitcoin. Zion uses the Lightning Network Daemon (LND), an open source Lightning implementation created by software developer Lightning Labs.

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Present Two ways for people to connect to social networks. One of them is renting a node, however, this option is not available Because the nodes were exhausted, after According to Zion, to an “overwhelming response” from the public. The rental cost of each node was US$9; till now There are 367 active nodes.

The other option is to configure your own LND node with relay software. Nodes also include a “pre-configured channel” that allows you to access LND instantly and thus access the application just like any other social network.

“Our nodes are self-custodial. They also allow you to be hassle-free as we take care of the headache of node management. We will deal with things like backups, networking and version upgrades for you,” said Zion creator Justin Rezvani Told special mediumBitcoin Magazine.

How does Zion earn income?

La Red Social Zion, Ali Do not collect user data and do not use ads, it does not earn income like other social networks.

In Zion, there are no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy following, so you can focus on sharing the moments you’ve created. Connect and get paid without annoying ads or creepy pixels that follow your every move. Without the algorithm, we don’t aim to have it on the site to manipulate. We aim to make you watch the content you want. without guardianship. No algorithm. Only the content you subscribe to, in chronological order”.

Red Social Zion.

NS The company has two revenue models. The first is the hosting of nodes and the second is the network routing fee, which is a commission for facilitating payments between users via Lightning.

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In this regard, Rezvani clarified that each user “has full control over their funds, as they are the ones who manage the private keys. They are running their own nodes and have full custody of their bitcoins. Whoever also controls your private key he controls the nodes”.

For now, Zion Can only be used through the mobile app on iOS. They plan to launch the app for Android in October 2021 and for desktop in the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Privacy and Censorship Resistance Features

One of the features Zion claims is privacy, as only those people can view the content or read the messages you want. The company has no access to any of them by relying on the Lightning Network’s crypto.

Another advantage of the social network is that it guarantees freedom of expression. Imagine creating, connecting and sharing without censorship. Imagine saying what you want without being forbidden or, worse, forbidden, but in the shadows,” says Zion.

bitcoin lightning network expansion

Cryptonoticious on multiple occasions informed of On the versatility of the bitcoin lightning network in various fields.

For example, a new naming protocol was recently reported electrical address, which allows you to generate a human-readable custom address to receive bitcoins This network of payment channels.

The advantage of this application is that it allows users greater privacy, because behind a custom-made username, humanly readable and accessible via the Internet,User’s wallet is found without disclosing their transaction history.


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