Bitcoin fell again and thus closed one of its worst weeks in recent years

Bitcoin fell again and thus closed one of its worst weeks in recent years

Bitcoin, Were cryptocurrency The most commonly used, has dropped by 12% on this Sunday and is about $ 33,200, thus. Has lost 49% The all-time high in April ($ 64,869).

However, in the moments of the session, cryptocurrency has fallen to $ 31,100, representing a 52% decrease from its record, according to the data. Bloomberg

Luckily for her, she is holding her pace and seems to be no less than $ 30,000, her resistance point.

Lousy week

Bitcoin The entire week has been a roller coaster, as it fell 11% last Wednesday; There was 12% left on Friday; And this Saturday it was up 8%.

cryptocurrency On Wednesday, most female employees reached near $ 30,000, the lowest level since the end of January.

The reason for this decline worsened on Friday was the critical statements of the founder of Tesla, ELON Oysters, U Reluctantly about Cryptocurrency Displayed by the People’s Bank of China (Chinese Central Bank) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Bitcoin Had already collapsed on 13 May ELON Oysters Announce on twitter that Tesla will stop accepting payments with that cryptocurrency due to its environmental impact.

Follows the same trend ethereum, Second cryptocurrency most used, Which is down about 16% today and loses the $ 2,000 level.

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