Blocked on WhatsApp? Here’s How You Notice It

 Blocked on WhatsApp?  Here's How You Notice It

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After the conversation, the communication partner no longer reports. You contact him, but there is no response. These prompts will let you know if they have been blocked.

There is no direct indication of which contacts they were blocked by, but there are many indications that the person no longer wants to be contacted. Here are lists of the most important features, but be careful: Each attribute can also have a different background.

  1. no other hoe: This is probably the most obvious sign of being blocked. A message is sent, but the second hook does not want to appear on the recipient. If the second hook is missing, the message was not delivered. The second tick is missing even if there is no internet connection or the mobile phone is switched off.
  2. no profile picture: This is also a sign that you have been blocked by your counterpart on WhatsApp. If the person concerned usually has a profile picture and suddenly only the WhatsApp standard picture can be seen, he/she can be blocked.
  3. No “Last Online” performance: This note should be treated with some caution. If the person no longer states when they were last online under their name, this may indicate that they have been blocked. However, each WhatsApp user can also adjust it individually under the data protection settings.
  4. not a single call: You already suspect that you have been blocked and you want to know for sure? However, you will not reach through the call, as it is also not possible to call blocked people.
  5. No more groups with blocked person: This is a sure sign that it is probably blocked. Now you cannot create WhatsApp group with said person. Now you can’t even find the person in the people list on WhatsApp.
  6. no status: Some users share their current activities in Status on a daily basis, such as on Instagram or Facebook. If the person has been a busy poster and there is sudden radio silence, this is probably a sure sign that they have been blocked.
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