Bloodborne – a feature of the reader, how I got better in the end

Bloodborne - a feature of the reader, how I got better in the end

Bloodborne – Late Than Ever (Picture: Sony)

One reader explains why he eventually decided to play the title of Free From Software and his long way to beat Bloodbourne.

After years and years of deliberately avoiding any freeSoftware game, I finally built up the courage and bought Bloodborne and I was glad I did. With PlayStation 5 is releasing soon, I thought now was the best time to catch the previous games that I missed; Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, and Final Fantasy 15 were all purchased on eBay for less than 10.

I read various lists, detailing the best sports games for the current pay generation, and one game I didn’t have that was constantly appearing was Bloodbourne. I’ve always been afraid to play it. I’m terrified of the horrible, but not afraid in the sense that he was afraid of the challenge. I was playing every game on the hardest difficulty; The 1999 mode on Hello 3 Legendary and Bioshock Infinity are my available achievements. But now, over the years gambling has become a comfortable past for me.

I’m no finisher and I rarely choose the hardest difficulty, just because I can’t dedicate the same amount of time or patience anymore. I want to enjoy the story and spend my time… or anger without any extra pressure. Software games are the opposite of this. I am very familiar with the Dark Soul series, spent countless hours watching my friends play them, but it summarizes my experience, all I did was watch.

I did the same with Bloodbourne, when it was originally published, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice; I watched other people play videos, laughing at their struggles, relieved that I would never be in such despair. But then came the unveiled trailers for the PlayStation 5 remake of Demons Soul, which were released later this year, and I know I need to change my mind. It looks great both visually and gameplay wise, and I already know it will be appreciated as a must play as it will use the PlayStation 5’s zero loading screens.

So why should I be deprived of such stellar and innovative video games for fear of the infamous ‘You’re Dead’ screen? I told myself it was time to be brave and face the prey, and, of course, to be ready to die more and more often.

That’s exactly what happened when I started my experience with Bloodborne. I knew that the first two or two hours would be the hardest because my power and skills were hungry, and it would definitely dissipate. The game really weeds casual from true hunters, and I myself was on the verge of an early fall. I proceeded to the perfection of the Central Yarnam and it turned again, desperately wanting to get rid of it in the form of another lamp, but I could only go face to face with the clerk beast.

I lost count of how much I died during this first boss fight, and I could see why so many people left there and then – according to the writing, five years after the game was initially released, only 48.9% of players have a trophy to beat it. . If I was struggling so much in the beginning, then it didn’t progress well for the rest of my journey, then what does that mean? I can save myself future suffering. I could have given up, at least I was proud to let him go, but admit it wasn’t for me in the end. But no, that’s not what I did, and that’s not what anyone should do. Instead, I decided to get better.

I spent several hours in the farm starting the area, killing all the enemies, leveling up, breathing and repeating the process. I slowly but surely grew stronger and stronger, familiarizing myself with the basic mechanics of the game and eventually I became more confident. Following this, I beat the clerk beast for the first time. This game rewards patience and investment, you really need to act your way and win this. But once you get there, it’s hilarious. I have never felt such pride satisfaction by playing a game like this before.

Yes, it involves a lot of heartbreak, a lot of pillow-punching and a lot of bad language. But that’s what makes it so addictive. You know it can happen, there’s always a way, so you’ve got to spend your time learning ka and vano and game patterns. Every step forward, every new field and boss fight, I wonder how far I’ve come. I never thought I would even consider playing a free software game. Then I thought I would never even get close to the first boss.

Now looking back and wondering what all the fuss is about, I happily managed to beat three clerk beasts at once. I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Granted, many of the subsequent boss battles really gave me a hard time, taking many hours to defeat – looking at Rome the vacuum spider. And, it becomes increasingly difficult when you think you will get better than the game. But there is beauty in that. For this game you need to match his abilities and sometimes you force yourself to track and build back.

There are probably gamers reading this feature right now who have conquered Bloodbourne on New Game + and my feelings seem somewhat naive. But these established hunters all started early and made their way forward. So, if any of the gamers out there are still shrinking from there or are afraid to experience the challenge of a freeware game, especially Bloodborne, I urge you to take a dive right now.

You can just happily wonder how much you rent because I was certain. After beating hundreds of games, sometimes the game is finally good enough to beat you.

By Reader Lewis A. Downey

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