Britain – what does it mean to oust the Chinese from the nuclear project

Βρετανία – Τι θα σημάνει η εκδίωξη των Κινέζων από project πυρηνικής ενέργειας

According to an exclusive article in The Guardian newspaper, the British government is very close to concluding a deal that would “throw” China from a mega energy project, creating a new area of ​​tension in already difficult London-Beijing relations .

The case pertains to the 20 20 billion construction of the Suffolk Nuclear Power Plant.

According to the report, the government is set to announce an agreement on state participation in the Sizevale C unit, along with French energy giant EDF, a development that would essentially “exclude” the Chinese China General Nuclear (CGN). from the project, which aspires to provide electricity to at least six million homes.

London-Beijing relations on a path of tension

The article accused the government of not only spending taxpayers’ money on a project that has already been initiated by individuals, but primarily that it would spoil bilateral relations with China.

Especially at a time when the role played by London in the formation of the AUKUS coalition, created to balance Chinese military expansion, has already put Downing Street in the Chinese spotlight.

For its part, the board of the French EDF, which is preparing to meet in November to study Sizewell’s work, is very reluctant to proceed with the project without a very strong commitment from the British government – according to the publication. . . Especially if there is no longer CGN’s support and funding.

It should be noted that Chinese state-controlled CGN is also co-financing the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant launched by EDF in Somerset. This means that the expulsion of the Chinese company from Sizewell will mark its presence in Somerset, as both the projects are part of the same agreement.

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American pressure

Analysts say that the US government was already stifling the British to raise the issue of national security, possible theft of technology, etc., to remove the Chinese from the country’s energy projects. Suffice it to recall the statement of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who openly called for choosing a side on the nuclear technology development front.

Of course, Americans are not only concerned about security issues, but they have the same benefits. According to the publication, removing China from the α board would facilitate the Americans’ plans for a project of their own in England. Notably, American construction company Bechtel has tied up with Westinghouse, an American nuclear technology company and controlled by Canadian Brookfield, to build a new nuclear power plant in Angles, Wales.

role of climate summit

According to the country’s plans, seven of Britain’s eight nuclear power plants that are already operating should be shut down by the end of the decade. This will make a serious difference in energy production and with even fewer emissions.

But amid the country’s energy crisis and rising electricity bills, the government is under pressure to announce an agreement on the launch of the Sizewell plant ahead of the UN climate summit in Glasgow in late October.

The Treasury Department is under pressure to include nuclear spending in the government spending review package to be announced next week, according to the Guardian.


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